What is the most popular Tik Tok dance?

An incredible increase has been seen in the number of Tik Tok followers over this past year. One major reason has been the recent pandemic which has shut down life completely. The lockdown and quarantine measures as an attempt to prevent virus transmission completely restricted people’s outdoor activities. Therefore, they searched for some in-home means …

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What country uses TikTok the most?

TikTok ought to be one of the most controversial yet sensational applications in the world. If you have read my previous blog posts like TikTok’s future predictions, you would know what I’m talking about here. From being banned in one of its largest user communities to being threatened, TikTok has emerged unscathed from the flames of security …

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TikTok Future Predictions

TikTok is one of the recent apps in the mobile app market which has become immensely popular among the audience and commerce markets alike. In no time it has become the talk of the town for the influential names of the media industry. This video-sharing and networking app was launched with the name of …

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What does TikTok logo mean?

I can certainly call this era, the era of social media and virtual networking. With continued development in the field of mobile applications, many news apps are promptly becoming popular. One such name is TikTok. There will be barely anyone who would not be familiar with this app. It is a Chinese video-sharing app that …

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How much does TikTok creator fund pay?

The application TikTok is a micro-video platform created by ByteDance for its users. What started as a local application turned out to be a vast spaced branding opportunity. It has managed to attract a major amount of teens and adults who have show-cast their unbound talents worldwide. To acknowledge their users and the unfaltering capability …

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How to get TikTok famous

How to get TikTok famous?

Being in quarantine has taken a toll on all of us. If you are here then this would mean (by a stroke of luck) that you have joined the Tiktoker bandwagon. Ain’t nothing bad in it. In fact, we understand that stardom is what each of our young teens and some mid-age rift adults seek …

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how to unfollow on amazon

How to unfollow on amazon?

Being on different web pages, may it be shopping websites or social media web pages. It is imperative that one understands the need to know how to follow and unfollow these. One of these renowned websites that let users interact with each other is amazon. It is normal for many of the frequent users not …

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