TikTok Future Predictions

TikTok is one of the recent apps in the mobile app market which has become immensely popular among the audience and commerce markets alike. In no time it has become the talk of the town for the influential names of the media industry. This video-sharing and networking app was launched with the name of …

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Why TikTok is so successful?

The popularity of TikTok is certainly undebatable. It has emerged in the mobile app arena as a revolution in video making and sharing.  Within no time, it had broken all the records of app popularity. Moreover, it enables users to sing, dance, act and mimic audio clips or pre-recorded songs. TikTok is a creation of …

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Will TikTok continue to grow?

Over the past few years, TikTok has emerged to be extremely powerful especially amongst generation Z. If you do not know, Generation Z are those people born after the year 2000. The app is most popular among the younger generation. However, this app is also being used by older people such as businessmen looking for …

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What country uses TikTok the most?

TikTok ought to be one of the most controversial yet sensational applications in the world. If you have read my previous blog posts like TikTok’s future predictions, you would know what I’m talking about here. From being banned in one of its largest user communities to being threatened, TikTok has emerged unscathed from the flames of security …

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how to find favorites on tiktok

How to find favorites on tiktok?

When using the TikTok app, it is easy to come across content that you want to save and watch again later. Whether it is something fun, inspirational, hilarious, or good advice, there are many reasons why you might want to save something for later. It can be quite easy to lose a video and have …

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What is the most popular Tik Tok dance?

An incredible increase has been seen in the number of Tik Tok followers over this past year. One major reason has been the recent pandemic which has shut down life completely. The lockdown and quarantine measures as an attempt to prevent virus transmission completely restricted people’s outdoor activities. Therefore, they searched for some in-home means …

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How to get free TikTok followers?

TikTok emerged from China as a video-making application. It is still present there as Douyin. Being on TikTok would mean that a broad fan base is something you’ll be seeking. This would allow you to expand and earn as well. However, getting followers on TikTok is no piece of cake. However, what I’m planning to …

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How to block someone on tiktok?

One of the most famous applications on social media is TikTok. The platform is a great way to make short videos, follow trends, make gifs and have fun. The trends that are present on TikTok are one of the best ways to attract a huge amount of followers. If you are an influencer on platforms …

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