How to get free TikTok followers?

TikTok emerged from China as a video-making application. It is still present there as Douyin. Being on TikTok would mean that a broad fan base is something you’ll be seeking. This would allow you to expand and earn as well. However, getting followers on TikTok is no piece of cake. However, what I’m planning to enlighten you about is how to get free TikTok followers. The following blog post will first describe the initial spread and emergence of TikTok and then move on to why a broad follower fan base is essential. Moreover, I’ll be discussing how you can find ways to get free TikTok followers.

Tiktok emerging 

Contrary to popular belief, TikTok did not emerge on its own, no. It is instead a cumulation of three different apps present in three other parts of the world. At first, the app started off as, which many millennials might know about. If you were wondering where did that app go off the radar suddenly, well, here’s your clue. In 2016, ByteDance, a Chinese tech giant, attracted 100 million users from Thailand and China over their app Douyin. Now, they decided to expand their business in the world but under a different name. That is how TikTok came into existence. They folded up both and Douyin and made it a single platform called TikTok, a social giant.

.. is a broad follower base substantial?

A wide fan-base for your TikTok account is vital because it helps you get famous. It can also allow you to be the next sensation among the media stars. Moreover, you can use your TikTok videos for additional purposes. These include; flexing your dance style, showing-off your newly bought accessories, sharing life hacks, or even becoming a motivational speaker. A wide fan following will mean that you set across a trend on socials. This doesn’t limit you to TikTok. You can gain access and fame on Facebook, Instagram too!

How to get free TikTok followers?

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So, now the question of concern is: how to get free TikTok followers! Indeed it takes years down the road to reach a point where you know you are famous and well thought of. The race is to the win and beyond; you compete with the crème de la crème of the world. How do you possibly manage to stay on top? There are several tips and ways through which a large number of fan following can be reached. There are multiple web-pages across the internet that work on different mechanisms to get free Tiktok followers. I will be discussing how they work with you. 

Premium accounts VS Free accounts 

One way to answer your query on how to get free TikTok followers is to enlighten you about the premium and free account tactics. So, most web pages that you come across on the internet will tell you that they can help you get up to 1000 free followers on TikTok. This would mean no hidden agenda, no hacking up of your TikTok account, and legitimate TikTok followers. On the other hand, if you choose to go premium, this would mean that you would be buying those followers from several packages available online. You need to contemplate for yourself if the struggle is worth the hype. 

How does this work?

Well, first of all, these companies tend to scrutinize your work thoroughly. Once they are sure that they understand your content. The fact that you are a real person, they will analyze what your videos are all about. Once they know the details, they will work their way up to sending in followers who share the same interests as yours. 

This is through advertisements and broadening your activity across different social media platforms that you have. On the down-side, this also implies that they have access to other socials you own. 

The tactics

Relying on an online web-based application called “TikTok generator” is fine. Nonetheless, it is scary because these teams have easy access to your private account. Anyhow, here are some other maneuvers that you can use in your quest to find “how to get free TikTok followers.”

1 -Follow and Unfollow

No, in case you were wondering, it’s not like blocking and un-blocking your ex. This is different and has a deeper underlying meaning. Get-their-attention. So, the thing about your top niche musers is that they are humans behind the glam of popularity. So, what you need to do is a comment, like, follow and then unfollow them. If you keep on repeating this mantra, they will be coerced towards noticing you. Once they do, they will open your profile, and BOOM! If they like what they see, they follow you back, and if your comments on their posts have been relevant, then you might be able to strike a conversation with them! Some may be genuinely kind enough to share some tips. Remember, If you never ask, the answer is ALWAYS NO. So, go ahead and follow-unfollow. 

2 -Charm them! 

They say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but you know as well as I do, that is not practical! The social media world is fake, and you need to be the one with the aces. So, now, what you need to do is charm them with your mere existence. Your social media name, profile picture, personal information, and even your profile description speak directly to your potential followers. Make sure they like what they see and give them something to talk about. 

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3 -Dip into Viral Challenges 

Going with the flow but ending up at the top is what you need to do. Look up what viral challenges are currently going on in your TikTok circle. Pick out the one that vibes with your persona, and then make a video either lip-syncing or show-casing your talent. Basically, when you use popular hashtags, your video is visible to more people. Once your viewership increases, the chances of your fan base following expanding get high as well. 

To sum it up, 

It’s not entirely difficult to get free followers on Tiktok. It just uses many mind tactics and time investment, but then again, there is no shortcut to success. If you liked this blog post, maybe you’ll also like to view some TikTok hoodies essential for a potential muser. Por Favor for reading this far, Keep vibing and TikTokking! 

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