Pet Hair Remover Roller Review (Top Amazon Finds)

Many of us are fond of keeping pets. Over time you develop a unique attachment with your pets, be it a cat or dog.  However, as much you love your pet, you might not love the hair they shed everywhere. Once you get a pet in your house, you will see those tiny body hairs everywhere from couches to carpets to bedcovers. No matter how often you brush the fur away, you will still find some hair in any corner of your house. They might cling to your furniture, daily wear, and sometimes also manage to become a part of your food regardless of how conscious you are. However, you cannot blame your pets for that because at the end of the day your pet is a furry animal living inside your house. This article is here to assist you in finding the best pet hair remover roller.

There is no debate on this that pets are awfully cute. Having that said, even dogs that don’t shed (allegedly), cats, rabbits, or other such cute companions cause a little trouble when you cuddle them, that’s fur. However, the modern pet hair remover roller has made the life of pet owners easy. It doesn’t matter if your pet sheds long or short hair, the lint remover roller will pick them off. While every pet hair remover roller in the market promises to leave your house fur-free, not all these do what they promise. Therefore, we have combed through the available product options and listed for you the top 5 picks for pet hair remover roller.

Why is it hard to find the best pet hair remover roller?

There are abundant options for hair-removing tools, but, only a few products are of good quality. Hair removers are of different types. These include rollers, cyclone cleaners, grooming gloves, de-shedding brush, and handheld vacuums. With such diverse types and abound options, it often becomes challenging to select the best option. We suggest having more than one type of remover for getting the best results. As each type is fit for a particular material, therefore, you can use a combination of types for removing fur from each surface.  Nonetheless, there are some important properties and features which you should consider prior to buying one. Following are some points in this reference. These are postulated for smart shopping of pet hair-removing rollers.

1- Type

It is often difficult to decide that if you need a cling roller for your clothes or dryer balls for removing fur from the laundry or a high-power vacuum for couches and carpets. What type and quantity of pet hair do you usually deal with? This is the most important question which one needs to ask before selecting the right type of remover. Usually, rollers are best for short pet hair present on soft surfaces. However, if you need to clean your complete house from large hair shedding then you should go with a powerful vacuum.

2- Size

Some hair removers are portable and light in weight so you can carry them to different parts of the house. While others are best for one-point use. Moreover, it is also important to thoroughly consider the parts where there is maximum hair shedding. If you want to clean small narrow areas then you should select a small-sized and lightweight remover. On the other hand, if you want to cover a large surface such as carpets then opt for a larger remover.

3- Features

Pet hair removers come with a variety of features. Some removers have the ability to be used as a daily house cleaning device. There are also some options available that feature a self-cleaning system. Similarly, there are some removers that are wireless or rechargeable. Consider choosing the product which offers a great deal of versatility.

4- Price

Last but not least, price is one of the most crucial considerations which influences a buyer’s decision. In some cases, high cost often calls for better features and durability, thus ensuring cost saving in the long run. Some products require regular refills for operation therefore this point should also be under consideration.

Best pet hair remover rollers- Top 5 picks

1- ChomChom Roller- A Must-Have Non-Adhesive Roller

ChomChom is an inescapable product when making a list of the best hair removing tools. The roller does not use any sticky tapes or adhesives as used in conventional rollers instead has a fine-bristled design. It has a unique easy-to-clean dust receptacle that you can use in both forward and backward directions. Therefore, you do need to worry about brushing in the wrong direction and releasing the stored dust. Although it may seem a little over-priced than other removers, it is one of the most highly-rated products. It is ideal for removing hair and fur from couches, bed cover, and floor.


  • 100% reusable and environment-friendly
  • Does not uses adhesive tapes
  • Requires no power source or battery
  • Can be used for removing hair from multiple surfaces
  • Features a dedicated compartment for storing collected hair


  • Might require more exertion in rolling in comparison to sticky rollers
  • Not fit for use in small, tight areas
  • Performs better on soft surfaces

2- Evercare Extreme Stick Plus Roller – Overall Best

This roller features a reusable ergonomic grip for easy holding. Its super sticky adhesive mechanism picks up the most stubborn pet hair from clothes, furniture, and other similar surfaces. Two extra roller heads are provided with the product so you can replace them when needed. Each roller consists of 60 easy-tear sheets made of thick paper. Moreover, the roller is quite affordable and super easy to use. If you are looking for a higher-end hair remover then this is definitely for you.


  • Reusable ergonomic grip handle
  • Super sticky adhesive mechanism picks up embedded pet hair
  • Comes with two extra rollers
  • Can be used for removing hair from multiple surfaces
  • Low cost


  • Sometimes the roller head is difficult to move

3- Scotch Brite Lint Roller- Perfect Deshedding Tool

If you have multiple pets in your house, you must be worried about the massive hair shedding. This the perfect product for you consisting of four rolls, each containing 95 sheets. It is light on the pocket with high-end performance. The roller uses an adhesive that can efficiently pick up fuzz, fur, hair as well as dust, and dirt. The ergonomic comfort is given priority while designing this roller. Moreover, it is also super light in weight and convenient to use.


  • Comprises of 5 rollers with 95 sheets in each roller
  • Ergonomically comfortable design
  • Light in weight and compact


  • Can only be used once
  • Sheets are not easy to tear
  • The refillable rollers make the product less environment-friendly

4- Flint Retractable Lint Roller- Best Travel Mate

The Flint Lint Roller has a compact, lightweight, and sleek size design which makes it very portable. Only pet owners can relate that even if the pet is not with you the hair might be there. Therefore, a travel-friendly remover is a must-have for all pet lovers. It is only 5.5 inches in size when folded and expands to 9 inches upon opening. By using this you are also contributing to protecting the planet as its eco-friendly and made of recycled paper. It is not definitely the best roller when it comes to performance but due to the travel-friendly feature, it stands out.


  • Sleek and compact design
  • Uses 100% recyclable paper
  • Highly durable adhesive tapes
  • Comes in a range of colors


  • Not feasible for removing hairs from large surfaces
  • Rolling action is not very powerful

5- Evercare Pet Stick Roller- Ideal for Large surfaces

The Evercare Stick Roller is a perfect tool for cleaning wide areas, staircases, and tight spaces. When fully expanded, it measures 10 inches. The roller head consists of 25 sheets for picking up hair, dirt, and fur from different materials. The 3-feet long foldable grip handle allows easy use and cleaning.  If you are looking for an affordable remover for large areas, then this is a perfect choice.


  • Best remover for cleaning wide areas
  • A large roller head extending to 10 inches
  • 3-feet long foldable grip handle
  • Consists of a super sticky tape for picking hair


  • Not ideal for cushioned surfaces and carpets
  • Sheets are not easy to tear


Cleaning the massive hair shedding by pets is an issue that often bothers the pet owners. It is not easy to clean the hairs from different surfaces by daily use cleaners. Moreover, it can also result in machine clogging. Therefore, there is a need to buy dedicated pet hair remover rollers for this surface. However, with such a variety of options in the market, choosing the right product which best fits your needs is a difficult task. In order to ease the pet owners, this article has presented a list of the best pet hair remover rollers. The list has been compiled as thorough research of customer reviews and weighing the pros and cons. Hopefully, it will help you in buying the best product and getting rid of pet hairs which you see everywhere. Good luck with your search.

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