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TikTok Millennials vs Gen Z

TikTok Millennials vs Gen Z!

It surprises me how TikTok has become a social media platform for Gen Z audiences famous for posting lip sync videos, musical clips, and hilarious dance challenges. TikTok is a young social media platform for young users who are aesthetically acing the way they carry it. Whether it’s a funny video clip or a dramatic act, it portrays a refreshing image of our modern online lives.
Since TikTok combined with another app known as musically in the USA, it has crossed download of over 2 billion users. It’s enthralling to see how Gen Z is controlling the power of TikTok in their favor and becoming a primary user. That my friend makes TikTok a platform for younger users. Not to forget that it became the most downloaded app of 2020. (The magnificent power it surely holds!). TikTok video-sharing platform conquered China’s users and became immensely popular with the users in Europe, America, and Asia.
Well, it captures my attention and makes my mind revolves around one question, Why is TikTok so much popular?

TikTok Millennials vs Gen Z!

I came to realize this by scrolling through the home page, and it made me reach a decision. The most user-friendly platform, TikTok, is flooded with the ongoing war of Gen Z vs. Millennials! Want to know why? Read it on!
So how did the war started?
Apparently, Gen Z has started a feud with more than 24-year-old millennials over their fashion sense and ever longing love for skinny jeans. Seems like these kids are turning their eyes on the most loved fashion attires millennials like to follow. Talking about Gen Z, they are pretty much hyperactive kids of all time. Nevertheless, TikTok has become the number one platform for them to express themselves in a modern, creative and aesthetic way. In light of this, they are usually criticizing and showing outrage towards millennials. Well, that’s exactly the reason for this? That is just because of how Millennials show their immaturity on this social platform. What could I say, grow up already?
I am already surprised by how both of them are condemning each other over their cultural differences regardless of their age and Gen Z calling millennials uncool-Does that sound cringe to you? Well, not to me.
Gen Z accuses Millennials of their fantasy obsession with Harry Potter, their fondness with the vintage series friends, and their drinking habits. Ugh! how can I forget about their blame on millennials for causing climate change? (I rest my case, things are getting pretty serious…whoops!)
So, guys and girls, I have a piece of news for you! If you are sitting in a restaurant with skinny jeans, using laughing with tears of joy emojis, or have side-parted hair…then my friend, you’re old. Yes! That’s how Gen Z looks upon you!

The Side Of Millennials-Let’s Hear About It!


TikTok Millennials vs Gen Z!

On the other hand, Millennials are obsessed with their old era drama and music, while according to them, Gen Z just wants to chill. Or even if you call them stubborn or lame. Let me tell you, Millennials are happy and comfortable around wearing those skin-fitted jeans. Unlike Gen Z, who are more concerned about the trends and fashion that’s frequently gets updated, and they just can’t stay out of it! Honestly, Millennials are more empathic and hilarious than the younger generation of the world. Just by the way, who do y’all think invented the ideas of memes? It’s Millennials pals!

Millennials Have a Stance!

So who do y’all think invented the culture of ranting and creating a world of social media with influencers and all those dance challenges? It’s again, Millennials! While Gen Z is ‘chilling out’ and trying to be as funny as they can, millennials are struggling to get the world out of climate change, racism, authoritative leadership, and protesting for human rights to make this world a better place to live in, they are none other than millennials. so talking about stepping out of homes and striving to achieve success in society, who’s better? (guess, y’all got your answers!)
Gen Z should enlighten themselves with the fact that fashion and trends were different than years before, and millennials have just one message.

Dear Gen Z, we’ve been there and done that!

TikTok Millennials vs Gen Z!-The Ultimate War!


So, kids usually tease their elders by thinking it’s so much fun; however, dropping down to that level and counter-attacking them? Just doesn’t seem right. After all, every generation is judged and has stereotyped perceptions in front of the younger pals. So my advice is, why bother? Nobody has to invest their Time into the blame game and shiny TikTok wars to grab attention. Let it pass folks, we’ve got enough on our plates already! Therefore, instead of being into ‘gossips’ and ‘talk of the town,’ just enjoy the moment by creating your own influence on the world. The world does have so much to offer. After all, either it’s millennials or gen z, Time never stays the same for all of us.


The fight of Millennials vs. Gen Z might never stop. However, there’s one thing that you all can stop. That’s just the blame game both generations are doing on each other. Well, how long would that go by? Let’s all just have fun around TikTok and make the most out of it. So I think I can predict what’s coming from the millennials now; it just goes by,

So how are you feeling? Oh, I forgot to tell you one thing! Make way for the next defeat; Generation Alpha is on its way!

Since you’ve come a long way towards the end of my blog. Do you wanna know more about Gen Z TikTok Cringe Videos? Just go through to know more about what the young generation has to offer in terms of content and videos. It’s Reading Time, pals!


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