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Moving is a monumental event in someone’s life and their new apartment may take some time to feel like home. However, that process can be sped up if they have things that they love in this new house. To make your new house feel like home, check out this list of must haves for new homes Amazon. These items will help your new house feel like home and help this new chapter be one that is beautiful.

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1. Command Grips for Brooms & Mops

Brooms and mops are an awkward item to store because they are always falling over! Not anymore. With these Command broom and mop grippers, you can have your brooms and mops standing upright and be neatly arranged. They allow for damage-free hanging of around 4pounds. They do this by using sticking strips that are strong and do not harm the surface you stick it on.


  • These hooks allow for damage-free hanging
  • You can hang 4 pounds on it


2. Toilet Paper Phone Holder

Everyone uses their phone in the toilet so why not make a place for your phone? This 2 in 1 toilet paper phone holder is a high-quality device that serves 2 functions in its one body. You can use it to keep your toilet paper while also have a place to keep your phone. It is a handy shelf that is also large and allows you to place larger phones on it too. Furthermore, this toilet paper holder can hold two toilet rolls. Made of high quality stainless steel, it is great value for your money.


  • It has a phone shelf that is large enough to hold big phones
  • This toilet paper phone holder can hold two paper rolls at once


3. Bread Bin

Bread is a delicate carb and can spoil easily hence to prevent that, this Bloomingville bread bin is perfect. It is constructed out of metal and bamboo which makes it sturdy and durable. Furthermore, the lid is made from bamboo and protects the bread from coming in contact with the outside air that may contain particles that will cause your bread to spoil.


  • The Bin is made of metal
  • The lid is made from bamboo
  • There is lettering on the front that declares it to have bread


4. Jars

Jars are an extremely versatile storage option that can store just about anything. These SEWANTA jars come in a pack of 6 16 ounce jars that are perfect for canning, preserving, fermenting, or storing. Furthermore, these jars are constructed from durable glass. This makes the heat tempered and durable enough to be microwaved and dishwasher. They have an airtight seal which prevents the food inside from getting moldy. You can also use these as decorations and fill them with fairy lights to create an ambient mood at a party!


  • They come in a pack of 6
  • They can hold 16oz of food items
  • These jars have an airtight seak
  • They are made up of glass
  • Versatile


5. Airfryer 

Tower’s T17051BLK Air Fryer Vortx is aimed at those who are looking to reduce the amount of oil they consume without having to give up their favorite fried food. It requires little to no oil while still keeping the same taste that you are familiar with. With its 5 -in- 1 functionality, it can be used as an air fryer, rotisserie, dehydrator, as well as for baking and roasting, fulfilling all your cooking needs in one swoop. It has a capacity of 14.5 liters of cooking space which is far more than any of its competitors and it cooks your food 30% faster than your traditional oven. With its Vortex technology, it is a perfect device for anyone looking to switch to a healthier alternative.


  • 5 in 1 functionality
  • Large 14.5l Capacity
  • Vortex Technology
  • Faster cooking
  • 3-year warranty


6. Gold Cutlery

Beautiful cutlery is an important aspect of making any place feel like home. The Berglander 20 piece titanium Gold plated cutlery set is made of 20 pieces that include 4 of each, Dinner Spoon, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Tea Spoon, tea fork. This cutlery set is made up of durable stainless steel that is guaranteed not to bend. Furthermore, they are antirust and are designed to provide good grip for adults and children. In addition, each piece is well balanced and has a good grip. The plating on these spoons and forks is high-quality titanium-gold which makes them look timeless and elegant. You can even put them in the dishwasher!


  • This set has 20 pieces 
  • The pieces are made up of stainless steel but have a titanium gold plating on them
  • They are well balanced and can be easily held
  • This set is dishwasher safe


7. Bamboo Paper Towel Holder

A paper towel roll is prone to getting wet thus it is essential that you protect it from any liquid. Your best bet is to get a paper towel holder. This Greenco Paper towel holder is made from premium quality bamboo that is stronger than regular wood. Thus, it is extremely durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is designed to be large enough to hold any size of paper towels and you never have to worry about how big or small your roll is.


  • It Is made from high-quality bamboo
  • It can hold any size of roll
  • This holder is durable and long-lasting


8. Glass Washer

Cleaning glasses can be difficult because you often miss a spot and have to clean the whole glass again. This double-sided glass cleaner by KUNKETECH is designed to have a two brush design that will make cleaning glass a breeze. It comes with 3 strong suction cups that be attached to the sink very firmly so as to not fall drown and break something. Furthermore, the detachable brush is designed so that anyone can assemble or disassemble it. Its high quality built is visible from the PVC body of the brush and the bristles that are made from PP that is toxic and BPA free.


  • It has two brushes to clean glasses efficiently 
  • It can be attached to the sunk for easy access
  • This glasswasher is easy to install and take out 
  • The body of this washer is made from PVC and the bristles from PP and each is BPA and toxin-free


9. Accent Chairs

Is a particular room feeling too bland and boring? What you need is an accent piece to bring the whole room to life. This Bella Floral Chair is a chair that draws eyes to itself. It features a tufted back and seat that is adorned in this colorful printed pattern that adds color and life to a room. Furthermore, the legs of this chair are black which perfectly complements it and makes it look modern. This chair is also extremely durable as the seat and back have high-density foam fillings and the frame is also hardwood which makes it quite sturdy. The surface to soft to the touch owing to the linen cover.


  • The back and seat are tufted and filled with high-density foam
  • The legs are made of black hardwood
  • This chair is sturdy 
  • The cover is made of linen


10. Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Wallpapers are quite an expensive way to decorate your space but if you love the look of wallpapers, this QIND graphite wallpaper is something you might be interested in as it gives a wallpaper-like look at a very economical price. The surface of this wallpaper is smooth and oil and waterproof which makes it durable and long lasting. Furthermore, it offers a realistic matt marble finish without being too thin and covers any imperfections on the wall behind it. This wallpaper is also environmentally friendly and you can easily remove it without it leaving any residue behind.


  • It is economical
  • It is long-lasting and durable because it is oil and waterproof
  • This wallpaper can hide imperfections
  • It can easily be removed without leaving any residue behind

11. Velvet Curtains

Windows looking a bit bare? These high quality StangH velvet curtains are exactly what you need. Made of poly velvet, these half blackout curtains are a perfect addition to any home. They give off a look of luxury with their velvet material that looks silky and feels smooth to touch. It also drapes beautifully and makes it look extremely elegant. Furthermore, they are made of thick material hence, it is capable of blocking most light to create a warm and cozy environment even during the daytime. These curtains are extremely easy to take care of and can easily be machine washed.


  • They are made from poly velvet
  • These curtains drape beautifully and feel silky and smooth
  • The thick material helps prevent any light from entering
  • They are easy to take care of


12. USB Fan

A USB fan is a valuable addition to any desk in your home. This high-quality USB fan is designed to help keep you cool even on the hottest of days. This fan is designed to have a great airflow that is perfect for when you want to cool off. It is quiet when on as it uses brushless motors that are whisper quiet. Furthermore, it uses USB to power which means that it can work if attached to your laptop or power banks as well. It is also really easy to clean the blades of this fan. In addition, it also has 4 rubbers on the base to help stabilize it and reduce vibrations and scratches that might occur


  • It is quiet when in use as it uses brushless motors
  • It makes use of USB to charge
  • This fan is super simple to clean. 
  • The base has rubber tips to reduce scratching and vibration


13. Storage Jars

Confused where to put your bath salts and cotton swabs? These mdesign glass storage organizers are exactly what you need. These sleek canisters are extremely stylish and are as useful as they are stylish. You can place any out of the place item in these jars to reduce the clutter on your counter. They are easy to use as each jar has a wide mouth and a removable lid which makes accessing things easy. Furthermore, these jars are made of glass while the lid is made of plastic that is shatterproof and hence durable. It is also very versatile and you can store almost anything in it.


  • They are stylish and useful
  • These jars are made of glass while the lid is made of durable shatterproof plastic
  • They are versatile


14. Soap Dispenser

Having a cool soap dispenser is something that brings more cheer and style to your bathroom. This soap dispenser is made of high-quality material that is heavy-duty, The lid is made from thick premium grade stainless steel that makes them rust and corrosion-resistant. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly which means that this dispenser won’t end up in a landfill. It can be used to hold anything like soap, oil, body wash, etc which make sit extremely versatile


  • It is made from high-quality metal that is thick and heavy-duty
  • It is extremely multipurpose
  • This soap dispenser is environmentally friendly


15. Door Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is an important addition to any bathroom because it makes all your bath items easy to access. This shower caddy features 3 wide shelf baskets that can be hung in 2 large hooks that hang outside the shower to help keep your towels dry. Furthermore, it also has hooks at the bottom which allows you to hand your loofah and washcloths or face towels for easy access when you are showering. This three-tiered design helps you save space. There is enough space between the tiers to hold large shampoo bottles, face washes, body washes, etc. This caddy is also extremely easy to install as you can simply side the caddy into place as it can fit on most shower doors. Made of high-quality strong steel wire with a durable rust-resistant finish that will last you a lifetime


  • It features 3 tiered wide baskets
  • You can fit large bottles of product in each tier
  • It is super easy to install
  • This caddy is made of durable rust-resistant steel


16. Electric Flosser

Flossing is something that all of us need to do but rarely do but with this electric flosser, flossing has become extremely simple, and now you won’t have any reason not to floss. It features 6 jet nozzles with 2 toothbrush heads to help you take care of your oral health. It has a large battery capacity of 2500mAh with its rechargeable lithium battery. This cleaner has a 360-degree portable nozzle that allows you to floss easier and it also has a 300ml water tank that is detachable and leakproof. Furthermore, it has 5 clean modes paired with a memory mode that can efficiently and easily clean your teeth. This flosser does not create much noise while also being super efficient at keeping your oral health at its best.


  • It has a lithium battery of 1500mAh battery that is rechargeable
  • It features 6 jet nozzles and 2 toothbrush heads that can rotate 360 degrees
  • This toothbrush has a water tank that is durable and hence leakproof and detachable
  • It has 5 clean modes with a memory mode
  • It is quiet when in use


17. Black Floating Shelves

Shelves are a great addition to any wall to help enhance storage or to just dress it up a bit. These high-quality wood shelves by MELANCO are designed in 4 different sizes and each has a bulky ledge with a lip that is artful and functional as it prevents items from slipping off. Furthermore, these MDF wood shelves have a classic black finish that gives off a unique look while also being extremely versatile, You can hang them together in a pattern or hang them separately. They are also really easy to install as they made use of small hardware for easy installation. To clean them, you just have to wipe them with a dry cloth.


  • They come in a set of 4. Each has a different size.
  • The lip is bulky to prevent things from slipping off. 
  • They are made from MDF wood that is classic black and gives a unique look
  • These shelves are extremely versatile
  • They are easy to install
  • These shelves are easy to clean as you can simply wipe them with a cloth


18. Weighing Scales

Weighing scales are an important tool to have as they allow you to monitor your weight for health reasons. This eternity digital scale is designed to allow the best accuracy when laced on a smooth and hard surface. It has 4 pressure sensors built in that deliver a result that is 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg accurate. Furthermore, this scale is made of thick and durable 6mm tempered glass that is long-lasting. It is also very versatile as it has an auto-on and off feature with auto-calibration and a low battery indicator.


  • This cable has 4 pressure sensors
  • It gives your weight with an accuracy of 0.3lb or 0.1 kg. 
  • It is made from tempered glass that is 6mm thick and durable
  • This scale is very versatile as It has an on and off feature along with auto-calibration and a low battery indicator.


19. Vanity with Stool

A vanity is a must-have in every home. Not only is it extremely useful, but it is also gorgeous and adds to the vibe of your place. This high quality vanity is made of MDF and pinewood which when combined makes a thick board that helps ensure the firmness of this vanity. Furthermore, the legs are also 100% solid wood and increase the weight to allow this piece of furniture to be firm, stable, and durable. It allows you to have adequate storage as it has 4 organization drawers, a storage shelf, and a large countertop. This vanity also features a 360-degree oval mirror that can be rotated for ease of access. With its easy to assemble design, there is no reason you shouldn’t own this.


  •  It has adequate storage as it has 4 drawers, a shelf, and a large tabletop
  • The vanity is made from MDF and pine wood making it durable
  • The legs are made from 100% wood that makes them heavy and stable
  • It features an oval mirror that can rotate 360 degrees
  • This vanity is super simple and easy to assemble.



20. LED Light Bulbs

A mirror with lights all around seems like something that you only see in movies and on the tv but with these LED light bulbs, you can make it a reality. In this set, you can find 14 Hollywood style dimmable LED light bulbs that provide plenty of light to help brighten up your face when applying makeup. Furthermore, these bulbs are extremely easy to install as you can just stick them onto your mirror or wall, give it a few minutes, and turn or on. These bulbs also have a smart on and off touch dimmer that you can use to adjust the brightness at any time and have it to your liking. They are also multipurpose and can be used for anything that you want.


  • They are extremely easy to install as you can stick them on your mirror
  • They have a smart on and off
  • These bulbs are dimmable 
  • They are extremely versatile

21. Sunrise Alarm Clock

This Wakeup light is a perfect pick for those parents who are looking for a cool alarm clock for their children. This 7 cloured sunrise light is designed with 20 level light adjustments that allow you to set an alarn=m and have the light increase from0 -1 00 to wake up your child gently. The alarm settings can be personalized for your own unique needs and can also double as a charging device. This clock has a dual alarm function that allows for more functionality. It also includes an option for an FM Radio Clock.


  • Intelligent sunrise and sunset simulation
  • Personalized Alarm setting
  • 7 color lights
  • Dual-color Alarm function


22. 3 in 1 Charger

This QI-EU 3 in 1 fast charger is a high-quality fast charger that is designed to be compatible with QI enabled phones, apple watches, AirPods, and apple pencil and is capable of charging them wirelessly at the same time. Furthermore, it is widely compatible with various different devices such as iWatch 1,2,3,4,5,6, SE, and a whole range of iPhones along with Samsung Galaxy s20 and S10. The adjustable support angle is made of metal with magnetism to help adjust the support that each of your devices needs. This charging station uses automatic control technology that is designed to help you charge your devices and prevent them from overheating.


  • It is compatible with a large variety of devices
  • This charger is designed to charge Qi-enabled phones, AirPods, apple pencil and iWatch
  • It is a 3 in 1 charger that can charge 3 devices wirelessly.
  • It makes use of automatic control technology to help them stay in place
  • This charger protects against overcharge and overheating


Conclusion on must haves for new homes Amazon

A new house can be daunting especially if you don’t know what items you should and shouldn’t have. No need to fear. Check out this comprehensive list of must haves for new homes Amazon to make your new place feel like your own and be a place that you are proud of.

Our Verdict on must haves for new homes amazon

Best must haves for new homes amazon: Command Grips for Brooms & Mops


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