Best Self-cleaning, Scoop-free, Automatic Litter Boxes for Cats

Pets are amazing and cats are not an exception! We love pets and today we have a closer look on best self-cleaning automatic cat litter boxes.

Cats like any other pet make your life better, makes you happier and relieve stress.

However, cats are living beings and they have needs just like us. They need to eat, drink and play, as well as go to the bathroom.

What’s the worst thing about cat litter boxes?

The placement?

The smell?

The daily scooping and changing of cat litter?

No matter what you may hate the most about cat litter boxes, there’s no doubt that you love your cats. You want to give them something that is comfortable and easy to use for your cat but also relieves some to the upkeep of a litter box.

So we’ve taken a look at the best automatic, self-cleaning cat litter boxes for you and your cat family.

Things to Consider Before Getting an Automatic Litter Box

When looking for an excellent self-cleaning cat litter box, several things should be considered.

The first consideration is how often the litter box needs to be changed. No cat-lover enjoys that chore so choosing a product that eliminates or reduces the time spent lugging cat litter is good to use.

Secondly, the cost should match the quality of the product. Many consumers have at some time in their online purchase life encountered a low-quality product for an inflated price, so discovering one that is high quality for a great price is always a good find.

The third is the ease of use. The amount of time needed to ensure the correct working of the litter box is vital. If the product isn’t saving time by operating correctly, it isn’t worth the purchase.

Any product that saves time in this regard is sure to be loved.

Fourth is time cleaning the product. After all, the whole point in purchasing a self-cleaning box is how quickly and how well it cleans away waste.

How We Selected Top Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Each product selected has unique features that make them stand-out in the cat litter box industry and solve issues that cat owners have with litter boxes.

The CatGenie cat box has a flushing feature much like a toilet that rinses reusable granules instead of replacing cat litter every day.

The Litter Robot III Open Air litter box automatically scoops away soiled cat litter into a drawer for easy removal.

Modkat XL Litter Box’s design significantly reduces cat litter tracking through your home.

All three automatic litter boxes are the best-reviewed ones with more than 50% 5-star rating!

Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Litter-Robot III is one of the more expensive self-cleaning cat boxes. Designed like a space pod for your cat, the Litter-Robot is for cats 5 lbs. or larger. No more than four cats should use it.

Self-cleaning, Scoop-free, Automatic Litter Boxes for Cats

The self-cleaning unit automatically scoops away waste, placing it in a drawer that you can easily empty. This takes just minutes. It reduces litter usage by 50%.

The best part is that also controls the bed smell by not letting it out. It is easy to empty and reduces odor.

It also has feature which notifies you when the waste tank is full and has to be cleaned!

The following items are contained in the packaging: quick start guide, quick reference guide, instructions manual, return and repack instructions, carbon filter, waste drawer liners, 15-volt DC power supply, and other useful resources.

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  • It has an automatic nightlight.
  • It has an adjustable cycle timer.
  • You can purchase the unit from the manufacturer’s site for about half the price.


  • Poorly engineered for staying upright.
  • Litter can be tracked throughout the house.
  • It is expensive.


CatGenie Self-Washing, Self-Flushing Cat Box

This toilet-shaped cat box is connected to a water source so that it flushes away waste, cleaning the box. It uses washable granules instead of cat litter for cats to use to dig and cover their waste products.

Self-cleaning, Scoop-free, Automatic Litter Boxes for Cats

After washing the pellets, the apparatus dries them in preparation for its next use. There are three ways to start the cleaning process:

  1. Cat activated when waste is deposited,
  2. Human activated at the touch of a button,
  3. Scheduled activation for every four hours.

It works best for cats who are six months or older. One to two cats are recommended to use it, but three is the limit.

Dimensions are as follows: 21 inches high, 16 inches bottom back, 19.5 inches top back, and 24.5 inches deep.

There are also an 8-foot water supply hose and a 10-foot drain hose. It must be hooked to an electrical outlet.

It includes one box of washable granules, one SaniSolution Cartridge, manuals, and T-adapters. These are best placed next to a cold-water source, like the bathroom or the laundry room.

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  • The unit uses half the amount of water on cat activate.
  • You don’t have to change the litter.
  • There is no cat litter smell.


  • Granules can be tracked throughout the house
  • The unit can miss cat poop sometimes requiring it to be cleaned again.
  • The cleaning cycle is long (about 37 minutes)


Modkat XL Scoop-Free Litter Box with Configurable Entry

So far we discussed innovative and futuristic litter boxes, but this one is the best in terms of ease of use and is more similar to regular cat litter boxes.

At an affordable price, this litter box is boxy in shape. It can be assembled as a front-entry box or a top-entry model. When constructed as a top entry box, it eliminates litter tracking with a walk-off matt on top to get rid of extra litter.

Self-cleaning, Scoop-free, Automatic Litter Boxes for Cats

Plus, the fact that the entry is in the top also helps to drop additional litter from the cat(s) feet, but it also reduces litter tracking as a front-entry box when the mat is placed on the floor.

The top lid swivels for easy scooping of soiled litter. It is easy to clean with reusable, rip-resistant liners that can last up to three months.

Its dimensions are 21 inches in length, 16.5 inches in width, and 17 inches in height. The space at the top where the cats can enter is 10.25 inches wide. The front entrance width is 8.25 inches.

Inside your package are the following items: base with removable lid frame, removable lid, scoop, reusable liner, walk-off platform, and front entrance cover.

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  • It reduces litter tracking.
  • It controls litter box odor.
  • Multiple cats can use it.


  • The top lid can fall off easily.
  • It costs $40 to replace a liner that may need to be replaced more often than every three months.
  • Some owners feel the cats may feel trapped when using the top lid model leading to problems with using the litter box.


Some Final Words

When it comes to owning cats, they will always need your care. While cats are independent and can spend a lot of time on their own, they still want to enjoy your company.

However, if you are a busy person, and can’t always be home for your cat, then owning an automatic, self-cleaning litter box for a cat is the best choice. As a result, you will be able to sustain litter-box hygiene on a higher level, and won’t have to experience odd odors coming back home.

Today’s models have features that can make your life and your cat’s life easier. The less time you spend cleaning the litter box, the more time you can devote to loving on your cat.

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