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All you need to know about TikTok careers

The short-video forming application surpassed one billion downloads in the year 2020. While that is an achievement in itself, there is no denying that the application is truly innovative. It does provoke one to create user-friendly and enticing content that truly sets the world around us ablaze. TikTok has its offices in cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo. Surely, there is ample space for recruits all the time but there are certain aspects that companies like TikTok are looking for usually. In this blog post, I will disclose to you all you need to know about TikTok careers. Read on to find out what gives!

What is TikTok looking for?

Every multi-national company has its own whims and charms associated with it. there are certain attributes that these companies are looking for in their employees. So while I tell you all you need to know about TikTok careers, the first milestone that we will focus on is the elements they seek. 


At TikTok, the users are free to creatively express themselves sin vividly any form they want. A long as it is on par with their terms of services and community standards, it’s cool. Similar is the case with the employees. These should have a knack for fun and create innovative substances for TikTok that help engage users more. 


Not many companies seek an ambitious person who they know can prove to be a challenge in the future. Such people however do help take the company notch higher and many are scared of the risk. However, at the heart of TikTok lies ambitions and dreams, and those who seek to make these come true are welcomed whole-heartedly in the company. 


I must admit, it is rare to find a company that allows the sub-ordinates to be classified listeners and speakers as well in front of their managers. Maybe that is why TikTok has re-branded the term “manager” to the leader. According to the company’s code of ethics, everyone is a leader. Each and every employee is free to meet people of diverse cultures and bring their thoughts to the table. 

Agile digital media 

To be in TikTok you need to be prepared to be extremely agile. You don’t need to work at various digital media companies before you join TikTok. However, you must be aware of the fact that social media trends keep on changing and escalate fast. To be here means living and breathing digital media and its innovations. 

TikTok Careers

Since I’m discussing all you need to know about TikTok careers one focal point is the options that you have. The job spotlights at TikTok include Operations, R&D, Business functions, Marketing, Sales, Design, and Product. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of locations that include Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo. 

Job types

Amongst different working positions the job types are classified on TikTok. You can choose either experienced, campus, or intern. Depending on your choice the job opportunities will be further classified. 


In the section of operations, there are at least 1079 jobs available. These can then be customized based on what you are looking for. Whether it is an experienced job, an on-campus job, or an internee position that you are looking for. 


Well, shocker alert. TikTok too has a research and development section. Sounds interesting and quite riveting how they chose to shorten it with a term that sounds similar to R&B. Anyways, there are 352 job opportunities available if you want to join TikTok research and development department. 

Corporate function and Support 

There are 293 options available in the corporate function and support department. This job is available in various cities that include London, Tokyo, New York, and Sweden as well. If you want to expand your CV then this might be the right stop for you. 


Like every other company, TikTok has a sales department as well. There are 292 jobs available in this department throughout the global offices of TikTok. The experience can prove to be quite surreal and of a kind innovative one. 


TikTok employees do have a marketing position to fulfill and you can be amongst them if you choose to opt for it. However, the sales and marketing fields are separated which is rare. 


The designer job vacancies are a little less than the rest with just 33 on the go but still. It allows you to explore multiple options none-the-less. 


The product manager job has 121 opportunities throughout the offices of TikTok. If that is not the pinnacle of invigorating self then I have no clue what would be. 


Since the TikTok community is majorly made up of young fresh graduates and students. It is no wonder that they incorporate the youth in their company as well. There are several internship programs available for students depending on their major that include the following. 

MBA internship program 

TikTok does not focus on what your major is. As long as you have a knack for learning, the company is the right built for you to improve agility with those tech skills. 

Ph.D. internship program 

TikTok works at the heart of technology with its scientists and researchers expanding the prolific business development. The Ph.D. intern will have the opportunity of a lifetime at TikTok. 

Jobs for fresh grads

Not many companies offer jobs to fresh graduates but TikTok proves once again that it is a youth-building platform. Unlike its nemesis, the company does not judge the book by its cover rather allows fresh graduates to explore their options with a variety of jobs available at their fingertips. 

To summarize it up… 

I hope by the end of reading this blog post you got a glint of all you need to know about TikTok careers. There are multiply available to you with the world just un-folding from where you stand. Do not compromise on who you can be in the future. The world is your jungle and these jobs are waiting to be explored. Happy Hunting! 

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