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20 Crazy Finds 2022 (April – Update 17)

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1. ACED 3D Printing 4.7Inch Moon Light Lamp Baby Night Light

The ACED 3D Moon lamp is a high-quality lamp that is intended to make your whole room shine. It is designed to be rechargeable and once fully charged, it is apt at providing a glow that is beyond this world. Furthermore, it can provide 4 -20 hours of light depending on the brightness that you set it at. It also has a touch control system which allows you to set the mood with this light and do that with ease. Amazon Finds like these make your room seem even more modern and cool.


  • Built in USB charging port
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 4 to 20 hours of light
  • Touch controls system
  • 2 light settings


2. WHOOT Whiskey Stones Large 6 Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Silver Bullets

Cool drinks are a must when the weather gets hot and you need to cool yourself off. This Amazon find is designed to allow you to have cool drinks while your drink looking super cool. These classy bullets come in a set of 6 that can be placed in the freezer so that they can cool down. These steel bullets will also prevent you from watering down your drink like ice is prone to doing/ It keeps your drink cool for long periods of time and you don’t have to worry about it mixing in and changing the taste of your drink. Furthermore, they come in a bullet holder which makes them easy to store when they are not in use.


  • They do not dilute your drink
  • They look beautiful
  • There is a holder which makes storing them easy


3. Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x LED Lighted Zoom Pocket Microscope with Aspheric Lens System

Having a pocket microphone is extremely handy and because this microscope is so small, it is perfect to keep in your bag and have it with you at all times. The Carson Micro Brite Plus Pocket Microscope has a magnification of 60x – 120x and is designed to both compact and lightweight. This makes it super portable and easy to take around with you. Further, more, the LED light included in this device is super powerful and is powered by a single AA battery which makes it convenient as you don’t have to deal with excessive cords. The lenses attached are Precision molded Aspheric Lenses and they also provide Superior Optics.


  • It has a magnification of 60x to 120x
  • The lenses are super high quality
  • The design is compact and lightweight.
  • It is super portable
  • The LED is powered through one AA battery


4. Yes4All Kettlebell Grip – Kettle Grip

Don’t have much to spend on Gym equipment but looking to up your fitness game? This Kettlebell Grip is perfect for making one piece of equipment be used as another. This allows you to make your dumbells into kettlebells in a second. You can easily attach your dumbells to the holder and have them be kettlebells for you. The smooth handle offers a comfortable grip and you can grab hold of it with ease. This holder is made with high-quality materials such as ABS material that is designed to be lightweight and portable. It is also super durable which means that it is easy to pack and you don’t have to be careful with it. All these features make this Kettlebell grip an amazing Amazon finds for many people.


  • It is easy to hold onto
  • It is made of high quality ABS material
  • This holder is made with lightweight and portable
  • It is super durable


5. SGT. PRYER Army Man Bottle Opener 

A cool bottle opener is so fun to use because not only does it do the job but it also looks super cool. With your army beer opener, you can open your bottle with ease. It is super simple to use as all you have to do is press down on the legs and flip it over to open. As easy as that. It allows you to open your bottle quickly and have a cute device to do so. It is made with high-quality materials like die-cast metal which ensures that it does not break off easily and is super durable. Furthermore, the design is also super small so you can keep it with you in your bag and pocket at all times. The grip on this opener is also perfect and you can grab ahold of it pretty easily.


  • It has a fun design
  • It is super easy to use
  • The materials used like die-cast metal is super high quality
  • It is small and portable


6. Boping 6 Shot Glass Dispenser and Holder Dispenser For Filling Liquids Shots 

When hosting a party, it often falls upon the host to spend the night filling up glasses but with this device, it can be so much easier. The Boping Shot Glass dispenser is designed to fill up 6 small glasses at once and to an equal level. It is made of high-quality materials that are plastic and hence, food-safe. Furthermore, it makes sure that the liquid in each glass is the same and no one can complain about being under-served. This device makes it super easy to fill and carry all the shot glasses with ease.


  •  It has 6 spouts
  • It is made of high-quality material
  • It is simple to use.


7. Nostalgia PCM45RR Retro Hard and Sugar-Free Countertop Original Cotton Candy Maker

Cotton candy is a must-have whenever you go to a fair bit with this device you can very easily make It at home any time that you want! The Nostalgia Cotton Candy maker has a patented extractor head that allows you to make cotton candy out of regular sweets as well. This way you can have this delicious treat taste just like your favorite candy. It is super simple to use as you can easily warm up the unit and add your sugar in. Within seconds, the candy will start flossing and you can enjoy cotton candy from the comfort of your home. The design of the machine is super retro and it brings you back to the good old days of your childhood.

Furthermore, the clear rim guards act as a protective guard and allow you to watch the cotton candy being made because trust me, it is mesmerizing. The cleaning is also super easy as you can dismantle it and clean each part separately. It is also designed to have extra stability as the unit has suction cups under each leg to ensure that stays in place and does not jiggle around.


  • It is designed to look retro
  • It has a clear rim to allow you to peek in
  • You can make cotton candy from your favorite sweets
  • The operation is super simple
  • It is super easy to clean
  • It has suction cups underneath each leg so that it remains stable


8. FUHUIM Mini Electric Garlic Chopper

Chopping up smaller foods can be a bit of a nuisance in a huge blender which is why the FUHUIM Mini Electric Garlic Chopper is super convenient and useful. It is constructed using BPA-free material and premium 304 food-grade stainless steel blades. The PP environmental protection material used is also BPA-free and hence, is perfectly okay to use with consumable items. This mini food processor is easy to use as with a single press of a button, you can start chopping up whatever it is that you want. There is no need to pull a string or put any kind of force on the device.  This chopper also has a large capacity for its size. It can hold 250ml and is hence suitable for chopping garlic, onions, vegetables, nuts, etc. Furthermore, the whole body of the food processor is washable as it is designed to be waterproof.


  • It has a large capacity
  • It is waterproof and hence the whole body is washable
  • Made of food safe material
  • The blades are made of food-grade premium stainless steel


9. Beurer, 10piece Professional Nail Drill Kit for Manicure Pedicure Electric Nail File Set

Going out for manicures can be a bit of a hassle but if you have these cool Amazon finds then your nails can get professional care at home. This high-quality Professional Nail drill Kit is designed to have 7 attachments. These are made of sapphire and felt which makes them super versatile in their use. This compete nail care set includes a cutter, trimmer, grinder, and rasp attachments. Hence, allowing you to have healthy and clean fingernails. Furthermore, this set has a 3-speed setting that is adjustable thus allowing you to customize your manicure and pedicure so that you enjoy your experience. This set includes everything you might ever need, even a 10 ft cord and storage cases for your equipment.


  • It is made of high quality materials
  • There is a set of 7 attachments that are made of sapphire
  • It has 3-speed settings
  • You can customize your experience


10. Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater 

Desks are usually cluttered and there often isn’t any space to spare. In such cases, a small device is very helpful like this heater. The Amazon Basics 55 Watt small space personal heater is designed to be compact and small enough to be placed on a desk so you can toast your fingers in the chilly weather. It also features an efficient ceramic coil that can heat up in seconds. Furthermore, the design is sleek and elegant and will look good on all desks as it is small and safe. It includes tip-over protection that provides more safety to the design and makes it stable.


  • It is small and compact
  • IT has efficient ceramic coils
  • This heater is designed to be tip-proof


11. Beauty by Earth Store 3.Bath Bombs Gift Set

Relaxation is essential and for some relaxation translates into a warm and relaxing bath. With these AMazon finds, your bath can be even more relaxing and fruitful for you. The Beauty by Earth Store Bath bomb set is made from ingredients like organic shea butter, cocoa butter, Epsom salt, and Kaolin clay that have the ability to turn your bathroom into a place where you can rid yourself of all your worries and relax. These bath bombs are made using high-quality ingredients that are clean and free from chemicals like dyes, sulfates, perfumes, etc. WIth moisturized skin and relaxed muscles, these bath bombs will for sure be the best thing you have ever bought for yourself.


  • They are made from high quality materials
  • Free from harmful ingredients like dyes and sulfates
  • They help you relax
  • They loosen your muscles
  • Joint relief


12. Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier, Electrolyte Powder

Every once in a while, all of us need a little pick-me-up to recharge and energize ourselves and this Liquid I.V Hydration Multiplier is the best Amazon find for that purpose. This electrolyte powder is non-GMO and can be mixed into 16oz of water for rapid hydration. Furthermore, it makes use of the breakthrough science of Cellular Transport Technology to help get water and electrolytes into your system much faster and more efficiently as compared to water. A single packet of this electrolyte powder can help provide you hydration of 2-3 bottles of water which helps replenish your body quicker. With 3 times the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks, it is much healthier. This is because it has less than half the sugar and calories while containing 11 essential minerals.


  •  It is very hydrating
  • It makes use of Cellular Transport Technology
  • This electrolyte powder is convenient
  • It has half the sugar and contains many essential minerals


13. Mifidy Automatic Electric Potato Peeler Rotating Fruits & Vegetables Cutter

Cutting and peeling vegetables can be hard work but it doesn’t have to be so if you have this Amazon finds. The Mifidy Automatic Electric Potato peeler is designed to help you peel your fruit and cut them while rotating them. The design is a safe one as it has a button which when pressed can start peeling automatically. The removable fixed needle can adapt depending on different vegetables and fruits. The arm also has the capability to adjust to the varying thickness of fruits and vegetables and can adjust to peel off only a thin layer from the top.

The blade is designed to be safe as well because it is made of stainless steel and is designed to peel off only a thin layer. The rest of the body of the device is made of durable ABS plastic that is super durable. The non-slip base is also apt at keeping it steady on the desk. This device also has 2 power modes including batteries or cords. It also comes with extra accessories.


  •  The design is super safe
  • You can starry the design with a press of the button
  • The blade is stainless steel
  • The body is made of plastic
  • It has 2 power modes


14. VINABON All-In-One Wine Opener Set 

Opening a wine bottle can be a bit difficult and messy if you don’t have the right tools with you. However, once you have the VINABON All-in-one wine opener set, there is nothing that can stop you from opening that bottle in style. This set comes with a wine corkscrew opener, a foil cutter, stopper, aerator, and even an e-book to guide you to an open wine bottle. All the accessories in this set are easy to use and within seconds, the wine opener will open your wine and you can have a drink mess-free.


  • It is easy to use
  • It contains many different tools to open the wine and keep it fresh
  • Comes with an e-guide


15. LONEA Window Blind Cleaner Duster Brush

Cleaning blinds is a challenging task and can also take a long time but with this Blind cleaner duster brush, your blinds will be as clean as ever in a short amount of time. This LONEA Cleaner helps save you time as it can clean 6 blinds at once. The handle is designed for increased grip and allows you to hold onto the brush more securely so that you have more control over the cleaning process. The rollers are designed to be detachable and washable which means that you can take them off and wash them with warm water or machine wash them to use them anew.

The unique design of the brush allows for a good grip on the brush and cleaning. The material of this brush is 100% cotton and the handle is made of ABS plastic. Hence, it is high quality, durable and reusable. This brush is also convenient and effective to clean most types of blinds.


  • It is super easy and convenient to use
  • You can clean 6 blinds at once
  • The design is unique and allows you to grip things better
  • The material is 100% cotton and ABS plastic


16. LETOOR, 1 PC Onion Holder Fork Chopper Peeler Stainless Steel Vegetable Slicer

When I chop onions, I’m sure that many like me are struggling to keep them in place and have slices that are even. This process can be made a whole lot easier with the LETOOR onion Golder fork chopper. This holder is made of high-quality materials that are apt at holding into the vegetable that you are cutting so that it doesn’t roll away from you. It has 10 prongs made of stainless steel that always stay sharp and thus, always have that extra strong grip. The handle is also designed to protect your hand from cuts or scrapes which makes it super safe to use. With convenience in mind, this device has a durable design that is also efficient


  • It is made of high quality ingredients
  • There are 10 prongs to keep the vegetable in place
  • The handle protects your hand


17. Candle lighter

This sophisticated Lighter is perfect for candle lovers everywhere. This flameless arc lighter is made with high-grade stainless steel and zinc. It has a high-capacity battery that is portable and rechargeable. As it is lightweight, it is perfect to pop on your bag to bring with you on holiday. It can be charged via a USB using your laptop, a power bank, or any other source. It has an LED Battery display and a large capacity when charged. This Electric Arc Lighter is durable. Furthermore, it is designed to be windproof and water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about leaving this out in the open.


  • It is Flameless
  • This lighter is Rechargeable
  • Made of high quality stainless steel and zinc
  • Charged via USB and has a large battery
  • Windproof and water-resistant


18. Wsdcam Wireless Vibration Alarm with Remote Control Anti-Theft Alarm

All of us are often scared for our security and rightly so with everything going on in the world. To help yourself feel more secure, this Amazon Finds is a device that will make sure that you are well protected. The Wsdcam is designed to be triggered by vibrations and is hence suitable for anything that you want to protect. The vibration alarm has a remote control and 4 modes including arm, disarm, panic, and doorbell mode which is super convenient for all its users.

Furthermore, it also has 10 levels that are adjustable in terms of sensitivity from a gentle touch, push or beat. This way you can customize your device and have it as sensitive as you want. It is also super efficient with a battery and has a low consumption. This means that it can last you for a long while. The operation and installation are also super simple and easy for everyone.


  • It can detect vibrations
  • The level of sensitivity can be changed
  • It has up to 4 different levels of sensitivity
  • It has 4 modes: arm, disarm, panic, doorbell
  • Easy to install and operate


19. Luxanna Fake Roach 100 Pack Toy Prank

Pranking someone is a great way to lighten the mood, make memories, and have a laugh about the situation however, that only works if the creepy crawly is of good quality and looks believable. The Luxanna Fake Roach is made of high quality materials that are safe and nontoxic. This allows the fake roaches to be harmless to the skin. Furthermore, they are well crafted and look almost real as they have a retractable antenna, flexible legs, and clear wings. This roach can be placed anywhere to give a bug-hating friend a good scare and a good laugh.


  • It is made of high quality material
  • It is non-toxic and safe on the skin
  • This roach is well-crafted

This brings us to the last find in our list of April Amazon Finds


20. LightDims Original Strength – Light Dimming LED Covers and Light Dimming Sheets

LEDs on appliances and electronics are often too bright and distracting at night and can often cause disruptions to your sleep. To solve that problem. The LightDims Original LED covers are designed to help dim those pesky lights so that they do not bother you when you are trying to relax or sleep. Each package consists of over 100 dims and has the capability of dimming 80% of the light. These stickers are super simple to use. All you have to do is peel them and stick them onto the light. Furthermore, no sticky residue is left behind when you remove them so the device you put them on is still in pristine condition. These stickers are also eco-friendly as they come in minimal packaging to help reduce waste.


  • They come in a sheet of 100
  • They can block 50-80% of light
  • Easy to use
  • Eco friendly as they have minimal packaging


Conclusion on April Amazon Finds

Amazon finds are a lifesaver for those who are on a budget. It has some crazy, fun, and useful items on there that are perfect to browse through and treat yourself with. Check out the best Amazon finds in the list above to get something cool for yourself or your loved ones.

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