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Sobro Smart Coffee Table with Fridge, USB and Speakers


Sobro smart coffee table with refrigerator stores

Coffee tables nowadays can offer so much more. Sobro smart coffee table is equipped with built-in speakers, USB charging port, built in fridge and has great minimalistic design! Let’s see what additional features it has! 

Coffee tables have long been used in our homes. Before, they were mostly used just to put items on that individuals were using around the house.

Today, better coffee tables are been produced using the highest form of craftsmanship so as to ensure the best quality. When it comes to having one in our home, it plays a huge part towards the appearance of the decor, hence now consumers are after coffee tables that facilitate this.

The advancements in technology have enabled the introduction of the smart coffee table that comes with a built in fridge. This specific type has enhanced features that are meant to set it apart from the rest. With a few models in the market, the Sobro Coffee Table is considered the best smart coffee table that you can find.

The extra features it comes with are meant to simplify and ease your all round life.

Sobro Smart Coffee Table Review

For consumers, it is imperative to know whom this smart coffee table is meant for.

These include:

The Sobro Coffee table comes with vast features and various accessories that enhance its convenience.

Its main and vital features are:

It has a fridge and a cooler

The smart coffee table has a built in fridge and freezer which you can store different beverages that you wish to. It can keep drinks or food chilled for days using the latest technology and the fridge drawer measures 22 inches by 11 inches by 7 inches in size.

Thus, the space of the fridge cabinet allows you to store enough. Also, it has controls where you can adjust the temperature of the fridge to your desired preference.

Bluetooth speakers and LED lights

For music lovers, this smart coffee table has a couple of Bluetooth speakers that allows you to enjoy your music. The speakers dissipate enough bass and surround sound which makes them ideal for a movie night or a party.

LED lights are mounted on the underside of the table and the create a beautiful ambiance around the room. You can control all this from the top of the table and to make matters better it has all the applications needed to facilitate this.

Two power ports and two USB charging ports.

With this smart coffee table, you can easily and conveniently charge all your devices. The charging station has two USB charging ports where you can connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

It also has two power outlets 110v each with cords and these cords can roll back after you are done using them to a cabinet storage. Whichever device you would wish to charge, you can do it in the comfort of your couch with no hassle at all.

Tempered glass top with digital smart controls.

The glass top has been made strong enough to protect against breaking and the built-in controls for all these smart fittings are on top of the glass.

The controls are easily accessible and you can be able to control the volume of the speakers, brightness, and color of the LED lights, the Bluetooth and the temperature of the fridge. Also, you can connect your smart TV with the Bluetooth for an enhanced experience.

Two extra cabinets.

The additional storage measure 10 inches by 13 inches by 5 inches each. They are meant to provide you with added space where you can store remote controls, magazines, books, small electronic types of equipment, power cords among others.

Since most coffee tables come with some drawers, then it becomes important to not only provide you with just the electronic part but also the needed storage.

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Sobro Coffee Table FAQ

How strong is the glass top?

The glass top has been tempered so as to realize the strength and make it scratch free.

Does it have a built-in fridge?

Yes, it has a cooler and a built-in fridge which uses a compressor to keeps drinks extra chilled.

Where do you find the smart controls?

The controls are all on the glass top.

Can you control the temperature of the fridge?

Yes, using the controls, you can conveniently control the fridge temperature.

Do the LED lights come in different colors and can you control their brightness?

Yes, you have a variety of colors to chose from and you can control the brightness as you wish.

Is the smart coffee table Bluetooth enabled?

Yes, it is Bluetooth enabled and you can connect it with your digital T.V.

Does it come with speakers?

Yes, the smart coffee table has Bluetooth speakers that you can play your music from.

What is the size of the coffee table?

The dimensions of the Sobro Coffee Table are 43.1 inches by 22.8 inches by 22.8 inches.

Final Verdict

When it comes to a smart coffee table with fridge, the Sobro Coffee Table has been designed to enhance today’s digital world.

With its built in fridge and other extra features, it stands out from the rest and it will definitely give you the value for your money when you acquire it.

The accessories make it a better product and it is important to note it is almost impossible to find a smart table like this specific one.

Its design is stylish and elegant, hence you are guaranteed it will improve the decor of your room.

If you are looking for the coffee table, this is the one to go for.



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