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Rick and Morty Gift Ideas – 28 and More Gifts for Die-hard Fans

Today we will look on Rick and Morty gift ideas. Thus helping you out in gift idea brainstorming. So if Your friend loves Rick and Morty show – here are more than 28 creative, best gift ideas for diehard fans of Rick and Morty show!

With a ranking of 9.3/10 in IMDB (one of the highest rankings of animation series so far), Rick and Morty is here to stay. And the trend is diffusing from the movie industry into business for its obvious marketing implications.

It’s been so much a surprise that various products have been created from games to objects of daily life in honor of this series.

If you are as much a fan of the comic series as we are, you can not miss out considering these interesting Rick and Morty gift ideas that we have compiled.

What Exactly is Rick and Morty?

Rick and Morty is a TV series created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland for Adult Swin. The series center on the adventures of Rick, a brilliant scientist and his not-so-bright grandson Morty. Rick is alcoholic; has no sense of responsibility; and is completely crazy. Morty is an unintelligent boy, with little will power, who will be forced to follow Rick in his crazy adventures throughout space and different dimensions.

Here are some insights on how the Rick and Morty started:

Rick and Morty is one of the most watched animated series of today, their constant adventures and misadventures have stolen our geeky heart
forever. Today, there are hundreds of products bearing humorous scenes and gesticulations out of the popular series. Let’s check out the best of Rick and Morty-inspired merchandise:

Rick & Morty Gift Box

Gift box of 64 Rick and Morty items!

This contains lovely collectibles from the animated series. The Rick and Morty Gift Box is a collection of 64 items. The collectibles include an embroidered Meeseeks Beanie, Enamel Pin by Rick and Morty, a keychain, an air freshener, a lanyard and a Scary Terry mug.

All these can be the perfect gift idea for any R and M fanatic.


Rick and Morty 3D hoodie

This is like a replica of some of the shirts you can imagine from the great scenes of Rick and Morty, to his most famous phrases.

Soon, Christmas and Hanukkah will arrive and what better way to expect it than with a Rick and Morty 3D sweatshirt. Do not settle for offering an ugly and ordinary sweater.


Probably this is one of the best versions of monopoly until now, since it is set in our favorite series. In this game, you have two options. It’s either you play as Rick or you are a fool like Jerry. You decide!

This is the perfect gift for Rick & Morty fans who enjoy playing board games!

The “Monopoly” game has been redesigned to fit the universe of the cult series. But rest assured: the rules have not changed!


For just under $20, you can have this stylish bi-fold wallet or get it as a gift for your Rick and Morty-obsessed friend. The Rickllet features large bill compartments in a durable polyester material construction.

It also has slots for IDs and other types of cards. This surely can make a nice gift for any Rick and Morty fan.


Here’s a swim trunk with a tie & die design, designed for the most diehard fan of the series. It features scenes from which the eyes of the comic characters seem about to get popped out from their eye sockets.

The tie and dye licensed swim trunks by R & M have loop and hook fastening closure, a stylish lace-up detail as well as a back pocket which features the series’ logo. The Mortshorts are made of 100% durable polyester and YES would be great for a Morty fan.

Get Schwifty!!

Rick and Morty Headphones or Earphones

Here’s a pair of high-quality over-the-ear earphones from the manufacturers of iHomie. Wear this around and you’re going to make other Rick and Morty lovers get jealous. The audio device features contemporary and sleek design just perfect for any fan of the series. Meanwhile, it doesn’t only come with cool designs, it blasts quality sounds too.

The device features an adjustable headband, an in-built microphone and ear cushions with foam pads. It can connect to other audio devices through aux wire. This pair of headphones is great for personal needs and certainly, as a Christmas or birthday gift for R & M lovers.

Munchkin – USAopoly Board Game

You have a rainy evening at your friend’s house. Then, after scouring the news available on Netflix, you could smell some troubles. Your sidekick offers a game of Monopoly which you consider an amateur board game. But to get his good graces, give him the special Rick and Morty version.

Like its idols, the board game makes it possible to travel across different worlds and to acquire and sell all kinds of properties. It teaches us how to become the first intergalactic millionaire.

Rick and Morty Necktie

This is a great Rick and Morty gift idea if the recipient is an office worker or the type who goes out in the night. The necktie is a washable and comfortable fabric product made of 100% imported polyester yarn.

Now, you can complete your fashion with your favorite comic characters’ dangling down your neck. It’s also a great way to make your friend get Schwifty too!

Rick and Morty Portal Gun

This is an identical replica of Rick’s laser, ideal for any meeting, party or game. The portal gun from Funko is about 8 inches in length. It is just perfect for every fun-loving laser game and Rick and Morty series fan.

Rick’s Portal Gun is meant to travel across dimensions. Attention, this gift is not the type to put in all hands!

Only mad scientists will master this splendid replica of Rick’s Portal Gun, which allows you to travel from one universe to another.

Present this life-size toy to your laser game-loving kids and friends and watch them play out episodes from the series in your own backyard.
This product is not recommended for kids below age 3.

Back to School Set

This school set includes a licensed backpack and water bottle by Bioworld Merchandise.

The design of the merchandise replicates Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, as wells as Jerry Smith, Summer Smith and Beth Smith.

It is the perfect gift idea for your friend who swears by Rick & Morty. Also it can be as a present at carnival, Christmas, Easter, birthday or Halloween gift.

Also this could be added accessory to your T-shirt, wallet, sleeping bag, neck pillow or purse.

Council of Ricks Pin

This is an awesome 3D Rick-Diculous pin with the Cosplay Badge.

It shines of gold with the stamp of “Property of Rick Sanchez Dimension C***”. You can get yours online on Amazon or eBay before it runs out of stock.

Rick and Morty Cofee Mug

Whether you want to please a friend or offer a small gift, this coffee mug could be a perfect gift for any lover of art and fan of the series. It is a mug to boost breakfast.

The most memorable episode of the series is certainly the one where the mad scientist turns into pickle to avoid going to an appointment that was imposed on him.

And what if he had changed into a mug rather than a gherkin? We could take the breakfast with him!

Council of Mortys Pin

Just like the Council of Rick Pin, this item is designed of gold metal and soft enamel and measures about two inches.

It is designed for all fans of the series. The 3D piece is individually numbered and triple-posted as well.

Total Rickall Board Game

Total Rickall is one of the favorite episodes of many of the fans of Rick and Morty. This is where Steve offers to take his family on vacation.

Everything goes relatively well until they discover that Uncle Steve, is not really him and that alien parasites have taken to the family. Note that this episode is where we finally meet the character of Poopy-butthole.

Therefore, this game is based on that episode. Among the rules is that the characters can hide their true roles. In the game, Rick has locked up the family inside the house and the parasites are disguised as family and close friends.

Therefore, you will have to discover which of them is really a parasite and who is not, in order to eliminate the aliens and win.

Rick and Morty Fart Necklace

“Who lets the frogs out?!” Who ever thought saving a gas-like form in the episodes could lead to a serious market item such as the Fart Necklace merchandise?

The US-made necklace recreated from the crazy series is made of high-quality metals with multi-colored crystal-like materials with a gold-toned chain. It is 18-inch long with a 2-inch extender.

The piece can be a great buy into your collections of fine jewelry. It is suitable as personal gifts and souvenirs.

Funko POP Action Figures

The dolls of Funko Pop! They are the best known around the world. They are vinyl figures that allow us to have the characters of our favorite movies, series or video games. Even until there are also famous people.

There are many action figures of the characters of Rick and Morty, but none is loved more than our dear Pickle Rick.

Finally, one of our favorite chapters has its own action figure, complete with its battery case. You will no longer have to settle for Pickle Rick’s memes or jokes (which, by the way, are hilarious), but you will finally have your own action figure, which you can use at your table, in your bedroom or even at your parties.

If you like the series of Rick and Morty, you have some Funko Pops of the same that can be perfect to make a gift, both to your circle and to yourself.

Skateboard Deck

Take skateboarding to another level with this beautifully designed skateboard deck from Primitive Skateboards.

Borrowed from the comic series, the skate deck measures 8 inches in width and 32 inches in length.

It is a versatile board deck which is great for the street, park, vert and pool. The rock-solid traditional maple deck can be used by nearly all levels of skateboarders – from beginners to professionals.

It is a good stuff with relatively cheap price which will be appreciated by skateboarding and Rick and Morty lovers.

Note that the deck does not include a grip tape. However, this can be ordered separately.

Scary Terry Costume

Halloween is fast approaching, and like every year, the Feast of the Dead fans, coming straight from the folklore of the United States, are in search of the perfect disguise.

What was initially considered just a blood-thirsty nightmare could just become your favorite Halloween costume. We are talking about the the Scary Terry character – though he is not really that scary. Between the eternal skeletons, vampires, witches, black cats or devils, we find more
surprising costumes. However, being sexy, scary, bluffing or downright crazy, the Scary Terry Costume is competely daring.

The Scary Terry oversized hood is so designed that when it is pulled over, people would know who you really are.

A great choice if you’re looking for something for Halloween.

Scarry Terry Bracelet

The Scarry Terry Bracelet is a cheap silicone made officially licensed merchandise by Rick and Morty. If you really love the Funko Pop animated series and the theme it represents, then you should take the show’s pride along with you everywhere you go.

Rick and Morty Windshield Accordian Sunshade

Get Schwifty and transform your automobile to a stylish space cruiser. The sunshade cools, protects and shield ultra violet rays from your car. It keeps the interior from getting faded or cracked.

Its universal 58 x 27.5 inches size fits almost all cars, vans and trucks. The sunshade features an art design of the characters cruising in space. With this foldable Accordian sunshade, you can keep your car cool while it is parked.

If you are a fan of the series but you do not like hot cars, then you need to buy this shade because of the series.

Conversely, if you love hot cars, but you are not a fan of the animated show, them you ought to own the shade to keep your car even hotter.

Snowball Plush Toy

This is a plush series by famous franchises like Funko, Disney, Marley Comics, Pixar, DC Comics, Star Wars, South Park, Uglydoll, Simpsons, etc.

The plush toys feature different characters from the popular sitcom.

Each plush toy measures approximately 6 inches to 8 inches. You should note that due to the design of different characters, the size of each character may be bigger or smaller than the above dimensions.

The bundle features the replicated characters as well as trading cards inserted randomly in each items.

Kidrobot Figures

The Kidrobot is a Rick and Morty cartoon-themed bundle of creative figures. The pack includes replicas of our inter-dimensional travelers, a bureaucratic bug and a portal. Each squanchy figure is 7-inch tall.

A trading card is inserted randomly in each of the figures. You should note that due to the design of different characters, the size of each character may be bigger or smaller than the above dimensions.

The product is meant for users aged 15 and above. It should be kept away from kids of age 3 and below as it contains small items.

Rick and Morty Trading Cards

Rick and Morty will not be back on our screens until at least next year. However, we can see and see again and again the same episodes while waiting for season 4. It can become tiring in the long run but 2019 is almost here.

The box of trading cards by Cryptozoic Entertainment is meant for fans who are willing to reenact all the funny moments in the first season of the hit series.

This is where the brilliant but evil scientist Rick creates awesome gadgets and then embarks on series of adventures with his zany grandson, Morty. At each occasion, he would endanger his family in the ill-thought-out adventures.

The box contains 45-card base set, 8 chase sets, sketch cards, variants, printing plates autographs and other items.

Rick and Morty Faces 5-pack

The crew of the show won’t stop you from cracking. And now that we are all waiting for the fourth series, it can even get more interesting with this pack of five socks which feature characters such as Snowball, Rick, Morty, Meeseeks, and Mr. Poopybutthole.

It is made of 97% of polyester and 3% of spandex materials. It is washable by hand and machine and fits shoe sizes ranging from 4 to 10 inches.

You can also find in the saturated market of the series’ brand-named merchandise a pair of stylish Rick and Morty sneakers. In the world of our heroes, the sneakers are colorful and tart.

With these shoes and the hoodie we talked about above, there is something to make a real total “Rick & Morty” look!

Rick & Morty Full Sheet Set

You ask yourself if you could have a good night dream when the episodes of the series are in your brain? You can try out with this set of 100% polyester bedding sheet.

The sheet measures 54 x 75 x 10 inches in dimensions. It also includes a 20 x 30 inches pillow case for a complete experience of comfort.

Rick and Morty Book One

Published in 2016 by Oni Press, fans can now catch up on what they miss on the TV edition in this hardcover deluxe edition of the Rick and Morty animated series book collection. The book is written by famous cartoonist, Zac Gorman.

This item contains episodes of the hit series in comic book format.

It is a great gift idea for kids. Readers can join in the excitement as the depraved genius scientist, Rick, goes on his insane adventures.

The collection includes ten issues from the book series, which include the “Wubba-Lubba-Dub-Dub of the Wall Street”, the “Mort Balls” and many other series of the show.

If you really like the TV series, then you definitely are going to enjoy the comic series too!

Rick and Morty Book Two

The TV show is very peculiar: it is that series that nobody wants to see because either we think that being of drawings is going to be childish, or because we think we have seen enough of Family Father. However, once you start it you will be unable to stop.

The item is a second pocket book of the hit comic book series based on the popular Adult Swims hit series. Experience the enthusiasm of depraved genius Rick Sanchez as he embarks on wild adventures across the universe, morality and time – with his awkward grandson Morty.

This 128-page collection presents numbers 6 to 10 of the comic book series, including “A Very Special Blumbus”, illustrated by writer Zac Gorman and a cyberpunk adventure through the multiverse.

Spacepositive Rick and Morty Bundles

This item is the collection of the series characters’ bundles which includes a 3-dimensional Keyring and a Funko Pop! which measures up to 3.75 inches.

The keychain is 2 inches in measurement and it is randomly inserted in the accompanying blind bag.

Conclusions on Rick and Morty Gift Ideas

For now, the series has three seasons, although there is a fourth one in production. It is likely that we will have to wait until the end of 2018, even in 2019, to be able to see it.

Do you like Rick and Morty? Is it the downfall of a friend or relative? Currently there are a whole series of articles related to the series, so you can make the perfect gift.

Do you have friends who are fans of Rick & Morty? Are you a fan of this fun and crazy series? We have listed the 28 items that all fans of our two heroes dream of owning. Walk in the footsteps of the two heroes and invent a machine to travel in parallel universes populated by aliens and robots. And which of these gifts would you like to receive?


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