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Magnetic Levitating Shoe Display

Levitating Shoe Display

KISE Studios Magnetic Levitating Shoe Display is just the thing you need to flaunt your boots!

It’s finally time to break away from the preset laws of gravity and defy them. Tho the sad part is – you won’t actually be having them on while they float.

It’s time to show some love to the things that lift you up, With KISE Studio, give your shoes the home they deserve. Make them feel estasic. Make them fly. Literally.

Holding up to its name, This next gen shoe display enables the user to flaunt their shoes in a way they’ve never been flaunted before. Like the majority of floating object stands or displays, the levitating stand utilizes electromagnetic current to “hover” the sneakers in mid-air. It further compliments your favorite shoe with a white LED light shower and an air hole at the top which allows it to spin, Held up by nothing in mid-air!
The speed of the rotation is slow enough for it to beat any other shoe montage. It’s going to ensure people look at your prized possession and keep staring.

Other than this, It contains three metal stabilizers which help in setting the shoe’s balance back into the position.

KISE Studio Levitating Shoe Display can commonly showcase all encased bits of footwear of shoe sizes up to 12. It’s highest capacity holds upto 550 grams. Types of sneakers people generally tend to display in the Levitating Shoe Display are Adidas, Nikes, and Yeezys.

At the back of the display, you will also find a button to turn the LED light on/off.

This is the latest UPDATE to the magnificent Shoe Display! And i guarantee your shoe collection is going to feel highly incomplete without one of these to accentuate the best of the best.

If you have been searching for an unparalleled and dope way to display your sneakers the levitating shoe display is what you wish in your room, office, or at the shop. The display uses magnets to ensure that the shoes are kept suspended within the air. With a fast spin, your sneaker will rotate mid-air with the help of a magnetic motor.

How It Works-

To begin with, a great number of individuals have attempted to adjust two repulsing magnets at some point in their life. We are certain that you are no unique case. Perhaps you have done this as a kid, or you’ve had a go at it all the more as of late, and unquestionably you’ve seen that it’s near impossible to get them to balance. The answer for this is mostly that you essentially need some key objects other than just the magnets. Nearby the magnets, we utilize a sensor, a sway unit, a tracking point, and electromagnets. All parts have a fundamental job in making a magical and ever-lasting suspending state. The permanent magnets generate lift since they repulse each other. The Sensor tracks the status of the coasting plate, by checking a reflective spot on the underside. The control unit takes in this data and changes the field of force likewise.

Product Details-

Add just the right futuristic look to your room with the Levitating Shoe Display!

Frequently Asked Questions Abou the Levitating Shoe Display-

Ques. What is the voltage requirement? Can I use these while traveling in countries with 220v?Ans. Yes, the power adapter is rated for 100V-240V 50/60Hz.

Ques. Does it rotate all sneakers?
Ans. Yes, it takes some practice but it can rotate all sneakers. Yeezys have larger heels which makes it more challenging but it can be done.

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Title: KISE Studio Magnetic Levitating Shoe Display

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