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How to get the bling effect on Tiktok 2020?

Filters make life extravagantly conspicuous and no doubt easy. You can be sitting in your PJs, chilling in your room while taking a selfie. That “zero-filter effect” with actually a very subtle filter to add a glow. Who doesn’t craves that? At one end of the spectrum, while filters have raised our beauty conscious methods a notch higher, the same filters have made life sparkly! What got unbeknownst to the world from Snapchat and spread like wildfire on Instagram, then flowed up to video calls is “the filter effect” Everything on social media, from lives to appearances is enhanced, modified to fit perfectly. Why would TikTok be an exception? This post discusses the euphoric bling filter and precisely how to get the bling effect on TikTok 2020. 



The Kardashians and The Jenner’s have a life that has left the world in awe. That flawless look and those mansions can make anyone pray to have them. Well, we can’t promise to have a way to get you those but what we do know is that they have been using the bling effect for a long time now. Finally, there is something that you can have as well. Without having to go long shots, Free! 

How to get the bling effect-2020

Before we move any further with the knowledge of the sparkly “bling” effect, you need to check your app is up-to-date. In order to do that just open your app store, type TikTok, and check for any updates. If yes then update your app, if no then let’s go. 

Step 1- Create!

Yes, if you are not adding the sparkly bling effect on an old saved video then you have to make a new one. To do that you just need to click on the plus icon in the center of your screen. Record, edit and you are ready to roll.  

Step 2-Effects icon 

From here, an effects section will be visible to you. In this section, you will see a variety of options like trending, beauty, and holidays. So much to choose from like a shopping mall’s cosmetic section with all kinds of varieties.


Step 3- Trending

There you will see the option “trending” and find the bling effect that you are looking for. Of course, there are other options as well but keep your mind focused on what you are looking for. 

Step 4- Bling-icon 

There you will see the bling icon and all you need to do is click on it. When you’re done the bling icon will be live and you can use it with all of your new videos. 

So, this is precisely how to get the bling effect on TikTok 2020. The steps are simple for you to follow and allow making a very esthetic TikTok, one of a kind. You need to pay heed to the fact that the bling effect suits better the TikTok videos with a reflective item in them like jewels or a mirror. It’s not a pre-requisite but just something you would want to consider while applying the effects. 

Bling the saved videos

If you are wondering how to get the bling effect on Tiktok 2020 saved videos then fret not. Whether the videos are on your phone or maybe you have an already saved TikTok which you believe is the appropriate fit for the bling effect. In few simple steps, we will explain to you how you can bling them all up. 

  1. After you have saved your video, go towards the “effect” option which will be visible at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Now you will swipe off on all those effects visible on your screen towards the “blings” Plural yes because there isn’t just one bling effect. You will see the heart bling and the simple bling. 
  3. Now you are presented with two choices. Either you apply the bling effect to the whole video or you move the “slider” to a specific part of the video and apply the bling effect. In a single video, multiple effects can be added at different item intervals. This will make your video more appealing, no doubt.
  4. Once you are done with the editing you just need to replay the TikTok to make sure you got it right, once it replays you will be sure of getting the desired results. If you are not satisfied with what appears on your screen, you can always choose to un-do it. 
  5. Once all the editing’s are complete you can simply click the “Next” button. This will automatically post your TikTok online. 

TikTok Bling Alternatives 

If you are still unsure about how to get the bling effect on TikTok 2020, you can choose an alternative. The routes do not end, ever. No matter it’s a TikTok bling effect or anything else in your life. If you are determined to have it, you will always find a way. 

Similarly, what you do now is get on an alternative. The alternative could be any other social media app like Instagram or Facebook. You can simply choose the bling effect from there and then post it on your TikTok. Viola! we have a winner. 

Search around… 

The thing about being an influencer or TikTokker is that there are many ways you can choose to improvise on. The sparkly bling effect is trending for sure but there are multiple other fishes in the sea. If you just go around and look there are more popular filters as well. Here, we will suggest you follow the trend because that is how you stay on top. These popular filters include Magisto, Beecut, video show, and video shop as well. 


The purpose of this post was to give the aspiring Tiktokers and the fellow young influencers a gest of how to get the bling effect on TikTok 2020. The steps are quite simple to follow. It’s a trend and there are multiple other ways to get it just in case you do not have the option available. Just add more glitter to those TikToks and shine like the stars you are because the world definitely needs more of that. Keep Blinging! 


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