Giant Ramen Pool Floats

Giant Ramen Pool Floats
Giant Ramen Pool Floats

This  Giant Ramen Pool Floats would make an ideal companion on a lazy Sunday afternoon while lie down your lazy self and binge on some ramen!

This  Giant Ramen Pool Floats sure would make an ideal companion on a lazy Sunday afternoon. All you need to do is lie down on the giant floatie under the sun, binging on some ramen!

What better approach to praise those splendid and easy days of summer than lazily floating in your pool, drink close by and sunscreen slathered on your nose? You can have the ultimate pleasure of simply lying on a giant ramen float in a pool, feeling weightless with not a single worry in the world!

This is a masterpiece! You get to be possessive over your own set of ramen without sacrificing them to the water.

The Giant Ramen Pool Floats is roused by the moment food top choice – and simply like it’s namesake, just add water! Float away on a giant-sized water bed of noodle happiness. Brought to you by the makers of What Do You Meme.

The fun part about it is-  just like the all-time favorite, Instant Ramen Noodles, you just have to add water to this giant ramen float.

You can add this floats to the aesthetics of your backyard pool and be an icon all thanks to Iconic Floats! This Giant Ramen Floatie is all about the crisp and bold personality.

This floatie will contribute to the perfect Instagram-worthy shot.

All jokes aside, this is of ideal size and can easily fit two people without getting them wet. The material is sturdy enough for it to be trusted with children.

It is recommended to let only children who are of age 14 or above let on it without any adult supervision.

Giant Ramen Pool Floats

Product Features-

  • It is an inflatable pool float with dimensions: 12.1 x 11.7 x 2.7 inches
  • It weighs 4.34 pounds
  • This pool float is made of high-quality thick material which of one of the best qualities.
  • The Giant Ramen Float can hold weight up to 250 lbs.
  • It is much more durable than any other pool floats in the market.
  • The pool floatie is non-toxic and odorless.

Do not worry! This Giant Ramen Pool Floats would not let your lazy self drown down into the pool.

You may even let your pet dog or cat on the pool floatie and it would not budge even after the constant scratching from the sharp nails.

The best part? The Giant Ramen Float is just of their fun designs in pool floats. You have the perfect opportunity to make your own collection of fun pool floaties to flaunt to your friends. You can turn your friends into jello by bringing your own set of Giant Flip Flop Pool Floats and Giant Handbag Pool Floats.

Bring your favorite pool floatie out in the public and enjoy seeing all heads turn. It is your time to shine!

They will be a great hit at the pool party!

Just call in a few friends and float around on the giant goodness which makes you hungry under the sun having a blast!

This is a great choice for some summer fun.

Title: WHAT DO YOU MEME? Iconic Pool Floats (Giant Ramen) Review