Jesus soap Cool things to buy on amazon

15 Cool things to buy on amazon

Cool things to buy on amazon for 2020

Anyone who has ever looked for gifts online has certainly dived into the world of Amazon. Including, of course, many bizarre, funny and cool things to buy on amazon. And we have found the craziest: Products that are so bizarre that the first thought that goes through your mind is “WTF”.

If you need a little bullshit inspiration for giving a gift that everyone remembers, you have come to the right place. These are our 15 top cool things to buy on amazon.


Cool things to buy on amazon

The feel of walking on grass with bare feet is indescribable and perhaps primal. But since there is hardly anyone who grows grass in their living room, these flip flops are a real alternative to be able to take that special feeling with you wherever you go.


Jesus soap Cool things to buy on amazon

For the believers among us, our next pearl is the perfect product. As the imprint already says, this soap cannot do everything for you: you still have to confess for your sins, as the soap, unfortunately, cannot wash away your sins.

3. Identifying Wood (Book) 

Cool things to buy on amazon for 2020

You think that you recognize wood when you see it. You’re far from it. A university professor explains in this book that not all wood is created equal. The cover, at least, looks like he is still unsure of himself on closer inspection.


Cool stuff to buy on amazon

For all lonely people who want to overcome grief, separation pain or all those who like to lean on a strong shoulder – here comes the boyfriend pillow. Cuddle factor is guaranteed!

5. Safety vest for chickens

chicken vest Cool things to buy on amazon

The statistics are worrying, year after year, accidents of innocent chickens increase because careless cyclists and car drivers reacted too late. Get your chicken the protection it needs. It is certainly a hit in rural regions.


pizza perfume Cool things to buy on amazon

Want your home to smell like an Italian restaurant! If you don’t want to miss the oven-fresh smell of pizza, get this freshener and use it as a toilet spray, car freshener or simply as a room fragrance. According to one review, this spray can even help you lose weight. Do that at your own risk!


Cool things to buy on amazon for 2020

The computer isn’t doing what it’s supposed to? Then show him who’s the boss! By pounding your fist on this pillow, you can make it clear to the stubborn computer that you really want to confirm your entry. Reduction of aggression is guaranteed!

8. Uranium ore

uranium ore Cool things to buy

Do you think this is a joke? Not even close! Amazon really sells uranium ore for scientific use. The content is actually radiating, but the radioactivity is not high enough to harm others. Still, the reviews are full of creative ideas.


unicorn meat Cool things to buy on amazon

Do you like horse meat? Want something even better? Get your hands on this rainbow-rich alternative. Of course, unicorn meat is just a joke. Nevertheless, we couldn’t help but mention it in our list of bizarre products.


Cool things to buy bacon floss

Have you experienced bacon getting stuck between your teeth? For some, this is a curse and blessing at the same time. If you don’t want to miss that taste in your mouth, but still want to clean your teeth, you can now use Bacon floss.

11. Victorinox OFFICER’S KNIFE

pocket knife Cool things to buy on amazon

Want a giant knife like that? Meet this pocketknife that’s on steroids. With its 82 functions and 6.5cm width, it won’t comfortably fit in every pocket. But it’s has been regarded as the Chuck Norris among pocketknives.

12. Largest coffee cup in the world

This cup shows that “a cup of coffee” is not a precise description. This fabulous coffee cup measures 14.4 x 9.3 x 13.1 inches. But be careful: the manufacturer warns against holding a filled cup with one hand.

13. Life-size Triceratops Skeleton

cool things to buy on amazon

It’s a shame dinosaur went extinct. That is why it makes perfect sense to place a life-size model in the garden as a souvenir. If you don’t need 1800 dollars for something important in your life, then you are well invested here. Price: Currently unavailable (Possibly extinct).

14. Nothing

nothing on amazon

For those who have everything: A pack of nothing. Or is the pack already considered “something”? How do you order “nothing”? This product will make you a philosopher.

15. Toilet fishing set

Toilet fishing set

Some read in a quiet place, others tinder. And some go fishing in the toilet!

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