Coca Cola Mini Fridge Review

Coca Cola Mini Fridge Review
Coca Cola Mini Fridge Review

Tired of your drinks warming up? This Coca Cola Mini Fridge is for you! You get the facilities of a cooler and a warmer all-in-one.

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Tired of your drinks warming up? This Coca Cola Mini Fridge review is for you! You get the facilities of a cooler and a warmer all-in-one in a great budget.

Shifting to the dorms, going for trips, camping, or simply out for drives- one always wants to have drinks that are always cool with them. Coca Cola itself brings you their mini-fridge which is small enough to fit on any desk or in any car and will easily fit at least 6 cold drink cans.

Whether your trusted human steals your coke away or you end up buckling down to a shitload of coke, this incredible Original Coca Cola Collectible mini-fridge promises to always keep your drink safe and chilled for you and be your “on-the-go” partner in crime. It even has a retro touch which will definitely add up to your home’s or car’s aesthetics.

Product Details-

The mini-fridge is exceptionally distinctive and sleek. It is a personal-use fridge with a cute rounded corner look. The coca-cola collectable sports a great retro vibe with the classic red base, coca-cola logo and the coca-cola cold drink bottle as it’s graphic. It will surely catch the eyes of those around you.

It is an incredible choice for all those environment lovers. The Coca-Cola mini fridge‘s functions are beyond those of a regular refrigerator. It has the functionality of both cooling and warming. Imagine this. You can just carry this small little friend with you which will keep your drinks chilled and your pasta warm.

It is great for our ozone layer as there is no CFC produced. This is granted all thanks to the advanced CFC-free thermoelectric technology with a semiconductor cooling module that efficiently keeps the stuff cool up to 32°F (18°C) below room temperature. You can alter it to the hot mode to keep the food warm up to 135°F (57°C). The least possible temperature will always depend on the surrounding ambient temperature.

It is your 24*7 on-the-go companion because of its small and portable size which makes it extremely worthwhile and accessible. It effortlessly fits on a desk or on a shelf.

What makes it even more customer-friendly is its capacity of 4 L. This mini fridge has removable racks that can easily fit six standard 355 mL cans. It even has a door which locks itself automatically.

This appliance’s lightweight makes it extremely handy and easy to carry around.

It is 110 volt DC for normal house connection and has a 12 volt AC plug so you can attach it to your car, boat or even RV.

You may use the mini-fridge for multiple varieties of uses. It can easily and safely hoard drinks, yoghurt, fruit, juice, cheese, cosmetics, medication, baby bottles.

Here are some tips for you to use to make the best out of this little mini-fridge

1. You can chill the items before you put it in the mini-fridge to go out. This will help in fast cooling. You are also recommended to keep space of at least 3 inches behind the fridge.

2. You should open and close the fridge less frequently and also always make sure that the door is closed go ensure good temperature control.

3. You must only switch on the cooler or the heater mode while the engine of the vehicle is on to prevent the drainage of your vehicle’s battery.

More Product Information-

Colour: Red/White

Brand: Coca-Cola

Model Name: KWC-4C

Capacity: 4 Liters

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