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This list was created for those who want to buy something unique at a good bargain. We have researched and enlisted the 10 Cheap Amazon Items. This will give you an insight into all the incredible finds that you didn’t know you needed. We will let you know about all must-haves in one place so you don’t have to waste your time. Also, subscribe to our mailing list if you’d like to keep up to date with the latest products on TikTok:


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1. Wireless Phone Sanitizer and Charger (Best Amazon Find Overall)

The Wireless Phone Sanitizer and Charger is hands down your ideal gadget during the pandemic. This Phone Sanitizer tops our list of Cheap Amazon Items! Your phone accumulates way more germs and bacterias than even your keyboard and toilet seat. You might be able to easily sanitize your hands and body with the regular sanitizers but they are fatal for your device as they have water. You just have to wipe your phone with a microfibre before putting it on the pad. The UV LED lamp will turn on cleaning the phone while the phone charges as well. You get to serve both purposes at the same time.

Save yourself from the harmful and fatal bacterias with your own personal Phone Sanitizer.


  • Has a trickle charging mode which will automatically turn on when your phone is fully charged to prevent overcharging
  • You do not need to remove your phone cover to charge the phone because of the 6mm sensing distance charging
  • Automatically recognizes device to charge with either of the two fast charging modes – 5W and 10w
  • You can clean many other accessories like watches and keys
  • Compatible with a wide range of mobile phones


2 .Instant underpants (Runner Up)

Are you afraid that you’d have an accident and need some new underpants as soon as possible? If so, get these Instant Underpants and save yourself for a lifetime of embarrassment! All you need to do is put the cotton pellet in some water, lightly pull it apart, let dry and you will have your pair of emergency underpants within record time. You might not have enough time to save yourself while drying the underpants but damp underpants are better than no underpants. This is a great idea for a gag gift and is something you just cannot resist but try.


  • You will have an underpant in mere 5 minutes
  • They are unisex underpants
  • These are one-size-fits-all
  • They are cottony and smell minty
  • You can always have fresh and clean underwear with yourself


3. Meat Shredder Claws

This pair of Meat Shredder Claws is perfect for those wolverine fanatics as well as meat lovers. You get your own set of claws to claw at the poor meat. They are just like an extension to your arms. This food shredder is not just for BBQs but also for carrying around hot food from the grill, blending large bowls of salad and whatnot. You can easily fork into big fruits like watermelon and hold onto it to slice it evenly. This makes for a perfect Thanksgiving or Fathers’ Day present.


  • The claw shredder is made of premium quality heavy duty BPA free food-grade plastic which is sturdy and durable
  • The handles are smooth and large enough to fir all sizes
  • They are perfect for all sorts of meats
  • You may put them in a dishwasher without worrying
  • The heat resistance range is -10℃-130℃


4. Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Are you sick and tired of seeing crumbs on your desk or in your car, then this Mini Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect gadget for you? This portable vacuum gets the job done. Its battery-operated and super lightweight. It has brushes to get into those hard to reach areas (perfect for the keyboard). You have to press the PUSH button to open the battery compartment, pop in 2 AA batteries and the suction will start. There is a dustproof net where the dirt is accumulated. You may open up the bottom cover to remove the accumulated trash.

These are great of picking up any mess without going through the trouble of bringing in the full-size heavy vacuum cleaner.


  • Cordless and portable
  • Multipurpose (car/desk/sofa/carpet/keyboard/tabletop and many more)
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Produces low noise
  • Comes in a sleek design with two colour variants (black/white)


5. Mobile Phone Jail

Is everyone always complaining about you having your face glued to the phone? Put their worries and your addiction to rest with this Mobile Phone Jail. This is big enough to hold 6 phones captive. You just have to assemble it and you are ready for some face-to-face time with your loved ones away from the distractions of the phone. These are perfect for holidays, office meetings and classrooms. A gag gift but equally useful.


  • Has 6 pieces which are easy to assemble and install
  • Comes with a lock and key
  • Ideal for getting rid of your materialistic temptations
  • Made of plastic
  • It promises 1 year of warranty and customer service


6. Portable Dog Water Bottle Dispenser

This Portable Dog Water Bottle Dispenser is the best gift for your dog. This is best suitable for travels or small walks. Your dog will love to have water from this dispenser. You just have to press on the button lightly and water will easily push out into the through. There is a button to lock the system as well for increased convenience. The 350 ml capacity is enough for a dog’s travel drinking needs. It is leak-proof with a silicone sealing ring design to ensure that water doesn’t leak anywhere. The water bottle meets FDA requirements and is BPA & Lead-free to ensure that it is safe and non-toxic. This will keep your pet healthy and energetic.


  • Easy to use with the single-hand operation
  • Has a capacity of 350 ml
  • The through is Food-grade ABS approved and the cap is made of PC approved with the FDA
  • Does not leak
  • Comes in two cute colour variants (blue/pink)


7. Grow a Boyfriend Novelty

Feeling lonely this Valentine’s and have no one to water The Notebook with? Worry no more because Grow a Boyfriend is here to aid to all your needs.  He will have the perfect body with 6 abs, heavy biceps and killer thighs. This is the easiest way to get in a relationship. Just add it to some water and watch your “perfect mate” grow to life! Your man is going to grow to six times its original size and you might want to put it in a bigger container full of water to let it fully grow. It will take around 2 hours to show any signs of growth and will grow to its full size in 72 hours.


  • It is re-usable as you can grow your boyfriend, shrink it by drying it out and re-grow it as many times as you wish
  • Perfect gag gift for the holiday season
  • Original size is 2 inches
  • It will grow up to 12 inches


8. Nano Facial Mister

With UrChoice’s Nano Cool Mist Facial Mister, you get give yourself a professional-like spa anytime and anywhere. The device works on the advanced technology which creates nano ionic cool mist. The ultrasonic vibrations break the moisture into mist of 0.3 nanometers.  This seeps deep into the basal cell layer of your skin, which is up to 10x more moisturizing. The coolness of the mist adheres to de-puffing, increased blood circulation and tightening of the skin. You may add mineral water, toner, milk, rose water, essential oils and much more to give yourself your personally customized spa regime.


  • Easy to carry with its small size. You can keep it with yourself in your purse all the time
  • Supports high-speed charging. You can get up to 50 sprays from 1 hour of charge
  • Automatically turns off after 60 seconds which are sufficient to deeply nourish your skin
  • You may add any combination of ingredients according to your skin type
  • It will deeply nourish and moisturize your skin, leaving behind the fresh feeling from the cool mist
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Available in pink color


9. Mug Warmer

A day can simply not start without the perfect cup of hot coffee. But what if your coffee always gets cold and stale amidst your morning hassle? The Mug Warmer will keep your coffee warm for your groggy mornings. It will warm your drink to an ideal temperature of 131℉. You just have to keep your thin-walled, flat bottom cup on it, plug in the switch and turn it on. This essential device will automatically turn off after 4 hours making it safe.


  • It will keep your drink warm for up to 8 hours
  • Has a metal waterproof pane
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Has non-slip anti-scratch buds at the base
  • FCC & UL certified
  • Available in black color

This brings us to the last product in our list of Cheap Amazon Items in 2021.


10. Bluetooth Camera Remote Shutter

With these battery-operated Bluetooth Camera Remote Shutter, you can put away your iPhone or Android phone and take a selfie picture from a distance with just the click of a button. There are 2 buttons on this remote for IOS and Android. You just have to switch on the button at the side of the remote. Then you have to turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and pair to “AB Shutter3”. It will connect to your smartphone’s camera via a build-in Bluetooth and acts as a cordless camera shutter trigger once you press the corresponding button.


  • Easy to handle and best for steady tripod clicks
  • Easy to carry as they are very small and lightweight. You can easily carry them in your pockets
  • You can use them from a maximum distance of 10 meters
  • Compatible with a variety of IOS and Android devices (Android 4.2.2 OS and up/Apple IOS 6.0 and up)
  • Works with the Google Camera 360 app
  • Available in two color variants (red/grey)



We have enlisted the Cheap Amazon Items available on the market in 2021 and given you ample detail about their features and functions. Hopefully, it makes it easier for you to choose some products from the trending amazon finds listed above. Lastly, if you click and buy through the Amazon links provided here, we get a small commission.

Our Verdict

Best amazon find overall: Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Best value for money: Portable Dog Water Bottle Dispenser

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