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Best USB Mini Fridge on the Market in 2020

A USB Mini Fridge is something that may sound useless at first but once you own one, you’ll realize how useful they actually are. This fascinating modern-day innovation works exactly like a normal fridge but is more convenient when you want to keep drinks cool. They are extremely portable and can be used on the go as they have a USB adapter. This makes it very convenient to use as it can be plugged into your laptop or a power bank which essentially eradicates the struggle of finding a power cord. A good USB mini fridge can be hard to find but this on-the-go can chiller is worth the struggle. In the list below, you will find the best USB mini-fridges out there to ease that struggle. Note: As an Amazon Associate, We earn from qualifying purchases.


1. Cooluli Mini Fridge USB Cooler and Warmer (Best overall)

This convenient Minifridge by Cooluli is a high quality cooler and warmer. It is designed to have a matte finish and a modern profile. This makes this Cooluli mini-fridge look extremely chic where ever it is placed while also being extremely useful. It is lightweight hence extremely portable and also has multiple functions and uses. This classic 4l minifridge is super versatile as it can store food, medication, insulin, skincare, and more. It has an advanced technology that uses unique semi-conductor operation that is energy efficient while also being quiet. It is powered through a USB cable which eradicates the need for batteries or a port completely. Honestly, we can say with confidence that this is the best USB mini-fridge out there.


  • Convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple uses
  • Advanced semi-conductor operation
  • Energy saving
  • Ultra quiet


2. Lychee 5V USB Power Operated Portable Mini Fridge

This Lychee Mini USB fridge has a neat design that is designed to look like a mini-fridge but with a one can capacity. Having a 4-foot cable, it will look extremely chic and adorable sitting on top of any desk. This Mini USB fridge has both cooling and heating function and has the ability to do both within a single device. It is powered through a USB plug that can cool off or heat your can depending on where you flip the switch. This is easy to use as this device requires no driver nor any installation process. It is a plug and play device which makes it one of the best mini USB fridge out there.


  • Adorable design
  • Cooling and Heating function
  • Easy installation


3. ThreeH New Mini Red USB Fridge Cooler Beverage Drink Cans Cooler/Warmer

This mini USB refrigerator by Three H is a high-quality device that is made for convenience. It uses a USB to essentially cool down or heat your can. Its compact design allows it to be extremely portable and you can carry it around with you to keep your cans cool throughout the day. It is also useful for those who live in a dorm as it limits the drinks they can buy as it only cools one at a time. This preventing wastage. It also has a built-in green and red LED indicator and a magnetic door catch that prevents the can from falling out. It has a plug-and-play design which means that you won’t need any batteries or need to install any driver. This makes it one of the best USB fridges out there.


  • Both cooling and heating function.
  • Built-in green and red LED light
  • Magnetic door catch


4. Koolatron CCRF01 USB Powered Mini Fridge

A mini USB fridge may sound like a gimmick that sounds too good to be true but this device but the Koolatron CCRF-01 USB Mini fridge beat that idea and actually works pretty well. Using a high-quality USB connection, it works like a charm to keep your drink cool anywhere and at any time. It has a one can capacity and has an adorable Coca-cola retro design which is an added bonus. This mini-fridge is also powered through a USB cable thus making it extremely portable and reduces the struggle of finding a port to plug it in. This device also reduces the hassle of batteries running out during use. It uses thermoelectric cooling for efficient and quick cooling. Hence, it is one of the best USB fridge out there.


  • Compact design
  • Coca cola retro design
  • Thermoelectric cooling


5. Cooluli Classic 4 Liter Compact Cooler and Warmer Mini Fridge

This Mini USB powered fridge by Cooluli is made for convenience and portability. It has a matte finish exterior that gives it a modern profile that looks chic sitting in the corner of your desk or on top of a shelf. This device has multiple uses as in it, you can keep snacks, milk, insulin, skincare, medications, beauty essentials, etc. It has an advanced technology that makes use of a semiconductor that allows it to cool any drink below ambient temperature. The Cooluli mini fridge also has a capacity of 4l hence you could fit a couple of cans in it without any worry. As it is USB powered and lightweight, it can be carried around and taken anywhere as it just needs your laptop or power bank to work. Hence, it is one of the best USB Mini-fridge out there.


  • Convenient
  • Lightweight
  • 4L capacity
  • Advanced semi-conductor operation
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Environmentally friendly


6. Coca-Cola Vintage 4L USB Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge

A mini-fridge powered through a USB is such a convenient device that one can’t help but try out just to see if it works. The Coca-cola Vintage Mini fridge by Cooluli is a device that will delight such a user because not only will it work but it will work wonderfully. Designed to hold 4l, it works efficiently to keep your drinks cool so that even on a hot day, you will have a cool drink by your side. It can also be used to hold your snacks, insulin, medication, skincare, and beauty products making it multifunctional. The feature of being powered through a USB cable makes it extremely portable and easy to use. It has a gorgeous Classic Coca-cola design along with Advanced technology that uses unique semiconductor operation to cool and warm your drink. Hence, it is one of the best USB fridge out there.


  • Convenient and lightweight
  • Multiple functions and uses
  • Advanced semiconductor technology
  • Quiet
  • Environmentally friendly


7. Mini PC USB Fridge

This high-quality mini fridge is a USB-powered device that is built to cool down or heat up any canned drink and can store up to 12-ounce cans. It uses a USB cable that can be attached to your laptop or your power bank to keep your drink at an optimal temperature. This allows you to keep your drink at your preferred temperature at all times. It also has a switch and an LED indicator that shows an ‘I’ for cooler with a green light and ‘II” for the warmer with a red light. The USB cable also eliminates the pesky search for an outlet and is hence convenient to use at any place and at any time. Hence, it is one of the best USB Mini Fridges out there.


  • Can hold 12-ounce can
  • Switch and LED light indicator
  • Cooling and heating function
  • 4 feet long USB cable


8. ThreeH New Mini Red USB Fridge Cooler Beverage Drink Cans Cooler/Warmer Refrigerator

A USB mini fridge is an extremely convenient device that sounds too good to be true. This mini-fridge by Three H is USB powered meaning it can be plugged in for use any time and at any place. As long as you have a laptop or a power bank, you can easily hook this device up and it instantly cools down or heats up your drink. Hence, removing any need for batteries or a power outlet. It also has a built-in green and red light indicator that indicates if the fridge is cooling or heating. It also has a magnetic door catch that keeps the drink safely inside. This mini-fridge is extremely portable and small hence it can be carried around and taken to any place of your choice. Its beautiful design also makes it look adorable sat on top of a desk.

Hence, it is one of the best USB mini fridge out there.


  • Heating and cooling function
  • Easy installation
  • Built in green and red LED indicator
  • Magnetic door catch.


9. Satzuma Computer USB Fridge

A mini-fridge sounds like a convenient device but a USB-powered mini-fridge sounds like a concept that may not be possible. This Satzuma Mini Fridge has made this possible. This USB-powered device is made of high quality to make sure that your drink is cool at any place and at any time. The USB feature makes the Satzuma USB mini fridge extremely portable. You can attach it to your laptop or your power bank that allows you to cool your drink or warm your drink at a moment’s notice. It has a convenient internal LED light to indicate if it is on or not. It has a minimal design that looks like a classic vending machine also makes it look like a piece of decor on your desk. Hence, it is one of the best USB mini fridges out there.


  • No batteries needed
  • Adorable design
  • Cools down the drink quickly
  • Internal LED light

This brings us to the last find in our list of USB mini-fridges on Amazon.


10. Mini USB Desktop Fridge Cooler Refrigerator

This convenient mini-fridge is an extremely convenient device for people who live in a dorm or otherwise. It allows you to cool your drink or warm it down whichever one you choose. It can be attached via a USB cable which makes it extremely easy to use. Its compact device makes it portable and space-saving as it can be tucked into a corner or taken around in a bag. As it is powered by a USB, it rids you of the search of a port which can be tiresome. Just plug it into your PC, laptop, or a power bank and watch it keep your drink at an optimal temperature. It is easy to use as it does not need any driver nor does it have any installation process. Hence, this device is one of the best USB mini fridges out there.


  • No driver needed
  • Compact design
  • Cools to 5 degrees


Conclusion on USB Mini-fridges on Amazon

USB Mini fridges are often thought of as a gimmick because it just sounds too good to be true. However, these USB fridges in the list above actually do work. They are apt at cooling down your drink or heating it up. All through a USB cable that you can easily attach to your laptop or power bank. This effectively removes the need for batteries or a power outlet that may be hard to find sometimes. These devices can also store other snacks, skincare, medication, etc making them multifunctional. Hence, if you want a USB minifridge, this list will tell you which ones are the best USB Mini fridge of them all.

Our Verdict on USB Mini Fridges on Amazon

Best USB Mini fridge on amazon overall: Cooluli Classic 4 Liter Compact Cooler and Warmer Mini Fridge

Best USB Mini fridge on amazon but cheap: ThreeH New Mini Red USB Fridge Cooler Beverage Drink Cans Cooler/Warmer



Previous Guide for Mini USB Fridge 



Technological advancement has immensely contributed to making life easier and enjoyable. Among the fascinating modern-day innovations is the USB mini-fridge. These mini fridges operate in the same way just like conventional fridges.

However, the mini-fridges offer the advantage of portability thus enabling the user to continue enjoying cold drinks in the comfort of their home or while on the go.

In addition, these fridges also provide an opportunity for anyone to own this important gadget without breaking the bank.

So, how do these fridges function? Well, it’s simple. USB mini-fridges are powered by USB; a feature that allows you to use them away from the main power source. Courtesy of this feature, you can now go about your business without having to worry about enjoying a chilled drink.

Best USB mini fridge reviews

Let’s see which USB mini fridge has the best specifications and choose the best one!

1. Cooluli Mini fridge Electric cooler and warmer (Best Overall)

View on Amazon

Just like its name suggests, the Cooluli mini-fridge promises to give you a cooling experience that cannot be matched elsewhere. This mini fridge has a capacity to cool 4 liters or 6 cans of your favorite drink.

Besides, its AC/DC thermoelectric system allows you to use this gadget while on the go. On top of that, this mini fridge offers a USB power bank option which means you can comfortably use it on the go. Among the features that make the Cooluli mini-fridge a perfect choice include:

2. ThreeH mini- Best low-cost mini USB fridge

View on Amazon

The ThreeH USB fridge will undoubtedly get the job done effectively. With the ability to cool or warm, you are guaranteed of enjoying your drink just the way you like it and whenever you want it. This mini fridge is made of plastic for easy portability in addition; it has a maximum power consumption of 10W which makes it the ideal gadget to enable cut on power costs. Besides that, this fridge provides optimal temperatures to keep your drinks in a perfect state.

Among other features that make the ThreeH mini fridge a great fit are:

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Other USB mini fridge ranked:


Therefore, if you were wondering how to keep your drinks in the state you want, now you know better. Don’t you?

That said, what does it take to find the ideal USB mini-fridge?

Things to consider when searching for the best USB fridge on the Market

Owing to the numerous fridge brands flooding the market, finding the best brand can certainly prove to be a daunting task. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t find a brand that guarantees value for your money.

Therefore, it is important that you put into consideration various factors that will guide you through the process of finding a USB mini-fridge.

A budget for USB mini fridge

Your budget is arguably the most crucial determinant as to whether you will acquire a certain brand or not.

On the other hand, quality brands are not necessarily expensive. Therefore, ensure that you set aside a reasonable budget that will enable you to acquire a good brand.

Quality signs for USB fridge

The quality or strength of the brand is also a key factor in making the buying decision. Ensure you conduct your research on the brands you may wish to settle for. Always look at the brand reputation and customer satisfaction. This information will give you a clue on what to expect upon acquiring the brand.

Important features to look for in USB fridge

Different brands offer varying features thus it is up to you to find that brand whose features meet your requirements.

The features play a key role in the functionality of the gadget thus giving you that satisfactory experience

Who should buy USB mini-fridge?

The USB fridge was designed not for a certain group of people but everyone. A fridge is an important gadget but for so long many people have not been able to acquire fridges due to their excessively high prices. Fortunately, USB mini-fridges seek to change all that.

So, who can acquire a USB mini-fridge?

USB mini fridge for travelers

Travelers always yearn to enjoy chilled drinks during their trips. Unfortunately, the lack of amenities causes them awful experiences that could be remedied by a cold drink.

But with a USB mini-fridge, you no longer have to worry about finding that cold drink you love.

USB fridge for Your home or office

Homeowners no longer need to worry about owning a fridge. The USB mini-fridges will serve the purpose you want, and you don’t have to worry about outrageous power bills.

Moreover, the USB fridge will also come in handy in your office. Blowing off some steam with an ice-cold drink is no doubt a common remedy for office pressure, and you certainly need a USB fridge to help you with that. That said, below are two USB fridge choices you can choose from.

Conclusion on Best USB mini fridges

USB mini fridges are no doubt a great innovation that has had a huge impact on the lives of many people.

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