11 Best noise cancelling headphones under $50

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You can’t silence the world around you but canceling some of that noise is the easy solution. Enjoying your favorite podcast or playlist without being bothered by the exterior forces is more than easy now. Noise-canceling headphones are becoming mainstream as they are evolving with new technological features. The price is also dropping and the masses can now afford it. Our curated list includes some of the best noise cancelling headphones under $50.

If you are worrying that buying quality headphones will drain your reservoirs—you need to check this out. Don’t let the price tags of popular brands like Bose and Audionic scare you off. The sound quality and noise canceling features of these headphones will be much more than what you pay for.

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1.Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones(Best Overall)

Who wouldn’t know about the name SONY? This magnanimous electronics company has tried his luck in the domain of headphones and they were successful in many areas. Sony MDRZ110NC is one of the best noise canceling headphones under $50. Even in its low-cost production, it still resembles major names in terms of sound quality and other features.

These headphones block most of the noise from the surrounding. It works both way and sound don’t leave your headset either. In the case of design and material, these headphones are comfortable and light on your head. With its magnetic drivers, the sound quality is clear and soothing.


  • 80 hours of playtime
  • Ergonomic design with extra comfort
  • Better bass & frequencies distribution

2.COWIN E7 ANC Bluetooth Deep Bass Headphones (Runner-up)

COWIN E7 is without any doubt the best wireless active noise control headphones when talking about the value it offers. These headphones are tested and repackaged and that’s why it is a certified refurbished product. For frequent travelers, it is like a goldmine as the active noise canceling technology behind these headsets is far superior to the rest.

In terms of wireless communications, COWIN headphones have clear voice picking quality and a stable Bluetooth connection. With its awesome sound and balance vocal, sound artists prefer these headphones. Never worry about running out of power as there is a 30-hours long playtime experience like no others.


  • Protein ear-pads & swiveling earcups
  • Deep bass technology
  • Best in airplanes and busy cities

3.Mpow H12 Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Mpow H12 is another besting-selling headphones on the market. It uses hybrid active-noise-canceling technology; blocking 90% of exterior noise. Equipped with 4mm large-aperture driver, it offers hi-fi sound and deep bass. For people living in an urban neighborhood, these headphones are liver savers.

For someone whose fingers are constantly on the dialing pad, Mpow Bluetooth’s hand-free experience is something special. Enjoy unbreakable connection & clear voice-hearing in the ocean of loud noises.


  • 30-hours of active time
  • Comfortable ear-pads design
  • Durable material for reliable use

4.TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

TaoTronics has a reputation for making headphones with supreme sound. This active noise canceling headphones lives up to its expectations. Not just it bounces unwelcoming noise but also provides the best beat experience. It balances deep bass and all mid-level frequencies for soothing sounds.

Suppose you are on the move, and you don’t access to any charging facilities—no problem! You can enjoy a whopping 45-hours of non-stop tunes hassle-free.


  • Ultra-lightweight earpieces with comfortable design
  • Better call quality & non-stop Bluetooth connectivity
  • Extra carrying case with folding option

5.SENSO ANC Bluetooth Headphones for Pro Athletes

Buying headphones of such quality at a low price might look like a robbery. But with SENSO headphones, now it is reality. Enjoy the richest of the sounds with dynamic bass and other sweet-tuning frequencies. Popular with athletes, these headphones will stick your ear even in hard workouts.

With Sweat-Resist technology, you can carry out your workout without the fear of running minerals from your body. For this specific purpose, durability is also important and these headphones are exactly what it takes.


  • Built-in MIC for hand-free calls
  • 8-hours of consistent talking and listening
  • Complete set of accessories

6.Mixcder E7 ANC Noise Cancelling Headphones

Owning Mixcder headphones is having a home-base sound studio. Either in the time of meditation session or recording a podcast, see the magical effects of these sound systems. With the latest noise-canceling circuit, you can enjoy a quiet air-traveling. It especially cuts out unwanted traffic-sounds. In some cases it cancels out the noise completely, creating a personal workspace environment.

The beautiful design suggests that it can be the perfect gift for your soulmate. The sleek curves and fine edges make it more than just an accessory.


  • Cuts out the majority of surrounding noise
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Extra hours in playtime and talking

7.iTeknic Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

In our consumer market, we perceive high prices for quality. But that’s not the case with ITeknic ANC headphones. It uses advanced noise-canceling technology—best for busy offices and streets. With a reasonable price, these earpieces deliver the best audio performance like that of a premium product.

Similarly, the design features are favorable for all types of users. They use comfortable and cozy material to keep your ear at ease. Not just the headphones, but the single purchase you will get all the necessary extras for free. Doesn’t it sound great!!!


  • Noise-reduction microphones for better communication
  • Soothing tunes for a longer period
  • 30-Hours non-stop playtime

8.LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones For Workout & Gyms

Discipline is key for physical fitness and for that you need motivation. One of the best options is to go for a quality headphone that will feed your brain with great beats. Allow me to present one of the top-rated noise-canceling headphones—LETSCOM Bluetooth headphones. Not the performance but the design is also user-friendly. No matter how hard you hit the ground it will stick in your ears.

The waterproof technology will give the freedom to go one step further.  It resists sweat and to some extent withstand different weather conditions.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Pool-proof Operation for swimmers
  • Advance noise-canceling technology

9.Villain Bluetooth Headphones for Running Gym Workout

Another excellent option for someone who is in the fitness game is Villain Bluetooth headphones. It features advanced Bluetooth protocol—needed for distant uses. With Bluetooth 5.0 you can enjoy non-stop fast and stable transmission. Durability is a key feature in these special-purpose headphones and this product isn’t an exception. High-end engineering and tough material make it best for the fitness domain.

Besides that, beats performance is incredible. With high-fidelity Dolby sound, you can dig into every single frequency on the spectrum. Powered by 100mm composite drivers, just listen to the thumping bass for hours.


  • IPX7-rated waterproof material
  • 9-hours of playtime
  • Minimalistic design

10.The MX10 Bluetooth iPhone Headphones 

With a simple glance at it, you will think of it as a high-tech branded product. But what about the price? Will it work for me and my phones? These iPhone specific MX10 headphones are something special. In all its simplicity, it offers the solution for every problem when comes to quality earpieces. On top of that, if things didn’t work out for you, there is a 1-years money-back warranty as well.

Enjoy crystal-clear sound with its top-notch technology. You care more about long sessions—how about 10-hours of playtime?


  • User-friendly design
  • Latest Bluetooth technology
  • Best for professional athletes

11.Fusion Beats Bluetooth Headphones

One common misconception about cheap headphones is that they don’t last for longer. Fusion Beats headphones aren’t like those low-life brands. Not just durability, but with active-noise technology, you can work from anywhere like a boss. It will never get loose from the ear as they perfectly fit with its perfect design.

For clear voice-pick and non-stop communication, this sound system is the perfect option. Enjoy non-stop playtime for 6-8 hours along with one of the high-quality sound experiences. You couldn’t ask for more in headphones at such a reasonable price.


  • Get rid of wires
  • Comfortable ear-fit design
  • Enjoy 30-day warranty


In the modern age, finding calm places to spend time with yourself is getting rare and rare. Some people go for mindful meditation while others try different other practices. For better focus, silence is also important. That’s many prefers to go for a quick solution; and that is noise canceling headphones. Since there are many options available from the market, it is hard to choose the right one for yourself. When talking about the best noise cancelling headphones under $50, there some common denominators.

The first one is active-noise-canceling technology. Few brands use the latest circuitry to block noise up to 90%. You should watch out for headphones that have excellent noise canceling properties. The second is sound quality and voice pick-up. Product design also matters a lot as it helps the customers feel comfortable with it. For detailed reviews and the best noise-canceling headphones, check out our list again.

Our Verdict

Best overall: Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best value for money:COWIN E7 ANC Bluetooth Deep Bass Headphones