11 Best LEGO sets under $30

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For more than 5 decades, LEGO is making toys inspired by great monuments, buildings, and movies. The Danish toy company has a great reputation when it comes to puzzles and brick toys. These models are a great way to spark creativity in kids and adolescences. Even adults find it playful and help them keep their minds busy. LEGO sets vary in prices but our list contains some of the best LEGO sets under $30.

Some of these models simple with over a hundred pieces while others may contain thousands. Due to the complexity and number of the pieces, few of these toys cost more than $300. Many customers consider it a good investment of money and time for their kids. At the same time, we want to ensure you get your hands on some of the best LEGO set without breaking the bank.

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1.LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat Building Kit(Best Overall)

LEGO hidden Side is an interesting series that combines real playing with augmented reality. There is a supportive app for this toy that responds to the physical movement of this kit. By scanning the model number with your phone, the model comes to life—and ghost hunting action is on. The fun starts with putting the pieces together. When ready, find the hidden ghost with the help of the app.

The movement of the wheel responds to the app and you can separate the shrimp boat from the original one. Captain Jones and Jones Jr. will be on the hunt for a ghost dog and a mighty albino alligator. With the help of your smartphone, you can find the BOSS GHOST, the Archibald.

The quality of this toy and the playing experience it delivers make is one of the best LEGO sets under $30.


  • Physical and in-app Augmented reality playing
  • Enhance creativity and fun
  • Quality material and minimalistic design

2.LEGO Speed Champions Chevrolet Building Kit(Runner-up)

If your kid is a fan of ‘Fast and Furious’ series or car fanatic, this LEGO set is perfect for him. Inspired by the true Chevy model, the Chevy lovers find it more entertaining and fun. With 198 pieces, boys and girls of age 7+ can assemble it creatively. Awake your imaginative genius within you with this building puzzle.

Moreover, there is a mini-figure of a racing driver with a helmet and fuel canister. Every part of this building kit truly authentic and there are even branded Chevrolet tire rims.


  • Best gift idea for car lovers
  • Detail car accessories and parts
  • A best imaginative building experience for LEGO champions

3.LEGO Classic Basic Brick Building Kit 

The original LEGO Classic set contains all kinds of bricks and shapes for endless building. Kids can try to make anything of their interest with 300 colorful pieces. Kits like these support open-end playing experience without aiming for a specific shape or model.

Due to this broadness, putting these pieces together spark a ray of creativity and imaginative thoughts. Such mental-plus-physical activities are crucial for the cognitive growth of these kids.


  • Open shapes creation with different pieces
  • Inspires creativity and learning
  • Pieces of every color and shape
  • Age bracket: 4 years and older

4.LEGO Star Wars Millennium Building Kit

‘Star War’ series is around now for more than 4 decades and LEGO is giving your kids a chance to re-live their characters in a fun way. With this set, you can build a Star Wars Millennium Falcon toy. Prepare a flying war battle cruise with Chewbacca mini-figure.

It is easy to build parts of this puzzle quite easily. These 92 pieces building kit is good for both boy and girls of age 6-12 years.


  • Authentic Star War model with bow caster accessory
  • Best gift idea for Star War series lovers
  • Easy and creative building challenge for your kids

5.LEGO Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Building Kit

LEGO toys have covered all major movies and popular characters. Harry Potter is not an exception. With this LEGO building set challenge, the students will have the chance to take on the most furious fire-firing dragon in the wizard’s world. You can help Harry potter to overcome his rival from the opposite school of magic and help him win a golden egg.

The most dangerous challenge is to defeat the Hungarian Horntail dragon. With this creative toy set, you can reach your peak of fiction imaginations.


  • Includes 4 mini-figure alongside Harry Potter
  • 265 pieces for kids of ages 8+
  • Build the most challenge model with this set
  • Stretch your boundaries of imagination

6.LEGO Speed Champions 2018 Dodge Challenger

Speed Champion 2018 Dodge challenger could just do little more than ‘Fast and Furious’. Draw a racing track and milestones and be ready for the race. With 2 car models, you can modify and build each car from scratch for the challenge. There is a set of lights for starting the race much like the real street racing.

The set includes all the necessary accessories you need for your race. Having 478 pieces, this play kit is for both boys and girls aged 7+.


  • Includes 3 mini-figures
  • Limitless fun
  • Perfect gift idea for kids with racing enthusiasm

 7.LEGO Blue Building Plate (10″ x 10″)

LEGO base plates are popular for its compatibility with all major LEGO models. You can create virtually anything with LEGO bricks on top of it. Since the blue floor bears more resemblance to the ocean, a water-inspired model can be a great idea to start with.

You can increase the area of the foundation by connecting it with additional plates of the same color. This LEGO blue plate can serve as a spark for creativity and imagination.


  • Size: 10 x 10 inches
  • Compatible with all other brands
  • Open-ended playing model

8.LEGO City Street Sweeper Construction Toy

LEGO City is a perfect series for introducing your little ones to the world of urban settlements and its buzzing environment. To pick the cool starting toy from this series is the LEGO city street sweeper construction toy.

Real-time like brushes and sweepers are included in the sweeping vehicles. The realistic model includes garbage guys, dumpsters and shovels, and much more for your kids. This awesome fun set offers a great deal of imaginative food and fun at the same time.


  • Open playing model for carving anything
  • Complete street sweeping fun set
  • Perfect gift option for age 5+

9.LEGO Technic Getaway Truck 42090 Building Kit

Another monstrous design is that of the LEGO Technic Truck. With this model, your kids can build a super-rugged getaway truck with a powerful motor. Give your truck a badass look with a heavy-duty front bumper, huge chubby tires, and an awesome color scheme. To give it more thrill, you can combine it with a police pull-back action car.

Pull it back and watch it accelerate in a few seconds. Every part of this vehicle toy is just like a modified truck on street.


  • 128 pieces to enjoy unlimited fun
  • Learning and excitement at the same time
  • Durable material for longer use.

10.LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Truck 10901 Building Blocks

Fire-fighter is one of the most popular characters in popular culture. It shows your dedication to social cause and responsibility for your community. To familiarize your kids with the concept, the LEGO DULPO Town fire truck building block is a good starting point. The kit includes an authentic firefighter siren, a buildable ladder tree, and a cat to rescue.

Two figures—one of the firefighters, child, and cat can draw a great scene. Kids can learn the response to a certain situation with this building kit. Parents can also join their little ones in the play.


  • Easy to construct with 21 pieces
  • Different role play at the same time
  • Portable and playable anywhere

11.LEGO City Great Vehicles Kayak Adventure Kit 

Do you want your kids to be an outdoor guy? This LEGO is pack with imaginative outdoor Kayak adventure. You can build a tough off-road truck with a front bumper, open bed, and opening space. There is also a boat on the top of the truck. Stream through the torrent and capture the beauty of nature with a camera.

This 84 piece—easy to assemble LEGO set is best for boys and girls age 5 and onward. This kit will allow your kids to create an outdoor natural theme scene from the popular documentary channel.


  • Learning and adventure at the same time
  • All cool accessories for enhanced fun
  • Easy to build and disintegrate


Playing with toys is very important for kids in their development process. LEGO is a popular name in creating toys based on themes, places, and movies. Some of these sets are exciting and adults can also indulge in it. In order to make things affordable for wide segments of customers, LEGO also has cheap sets. Our list includes some of the best LEGO sets under $30.

Our Verdict

Best LEGO set under $30:LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat Building Kit

Best value for money: LEGO Speed Champions Chevrolet Building Kit