5 Best Floor Standing Speakers under $1000

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Bored of just watching Netflix on your laptop or TV and those mediocre sounds? Do you wonder and struggle to decide upon the best floor standing speakers for the perfect little home theatre feeling in your room? If you have friends over or just family for a movie night or to binge-watch Home Alone, you need the perfect and in-budget floor standing speakers to add to the overall vibe. You will enjoy every movie or show and even make a statement in your crowd with this list of best floor standing speakers under $1000. We have researched and enlisted the 5 floor standing speakers under $1000 here. This will give you an insight into all the features of you would even need for the perfect jump-scare. We will let you know the various sorts of connector type, enclosure type, the crossover frequencies, the frequency response, impedance, amplifier compatibility, the durability of this variety of floor standing speakers have in one place so you don’t have to waste your time. Here, we go with the Top 5 Best Floor Standing Speakers under $1000 in 2020.

1. Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way Floor Standing Speakers (Best Floor Standing Speakers Overall)

These Hi-Fi Three-way floor standing speakers from the Fluence Signature Series come with all the bells and whistles you need for exceptional audio performance. They have eight-inch woofers, ultra-high-end and premium tweeters, and pristine mid-range drivers to produce an absolutely professional and crisp sound quality. They come in two cabinet styles- black ash and natural walnut for a modern and elegant look. With their smooth and slender design, they one of the sturdiest speakers of the all of the kind which makes them leave nothing to complain about. They use premium class and audio-grade MDF wood to make the closed cabinet structure of the floor standing speakers to create a homey and contortion free sound. Overall, these speakers perform just as well or even better than many other much higher-priced options. You will be very excited with the way they intensify your home video or audio setup in the proximity of your room. The sounds would never differ as they were formerly in the studio, thanks to the novel midrange pointed dome structure.

The Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way Floor Standing Speakers definitely tops our list of the best floor standing speakers because of how much they feel like your personal home theater!


  • Comes with high-quality components and parts for an assured high-quality sound which is sure to make you feel that you are in the studio yourself.
  • Has dual 8-inches woofers for lucid sounds that are under your full control
  • Top-notch neodymium tweeters for that entrancing crystal clear sound.
  • The power handling range is of 90 – 200 Watts.
  • It can respond to the frequency range of 35 – 20000 Hertz.
  • The crossover frequency is of 530/2600 Hertz.
  • It supports the impedance of up to 8 ohms.
  • Each of the floor-standing speakers weighs 62.4 pounds.
  • Available in two colour variants – natural walnut and black ash.


2. Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Tower Speaker (Runner Up)

These Polk Audio monitor 70 series II Floor Standing speakers are the greatest hit for the money, giving an especially high-end performance at a very affordable price. The highs on these speakers can be a little tinny and leave a little to be imagined but other than that they are high-performing speakers. They have dual 6.5-inch composite drivers, flared port minimizing chuffing, and cascade tapered array technology, all of which goes towards generating crystal-clear sound and extraordinary bass. They look magnificent with their titanium faces and two finishes- black or cherry wood grain which fit in perfectly in any space.


  • Has a 1-inch dynamic balance dome tweeter for ensured more solid sound quality.
  • Comes with four 6.5-inches dynamic balance woofers for clean sounds.
  • Supports wide spread of sounds creating a 3-dimensional effect.
  • Has premium audio with upgraded midrange to bring the party to your room.
  • There would never be any loss of sound quality if you keep these speakers near your television or any device because they are magnetically shielded.
  • The floor-standing speakers weigh around 47 pounds.


3. Q Acoustics 3050 Floor standing Speaker Pair

The majority stand out fact which makes the Q Acoustics 3050 floor-standing speaker unique is its suave form and slender frame. It has a mesmerizing and elegant body. This body covers two 165 millimetres bass units and one 25 millimetres treble unit that can produce sound with the frequency range of 44 hertz to 22-kilo hertz output. It has a nominal impedance of up to 6 ohms. These speakers are guaranteed to be among the best floor standing speakers for perfect home theatre. The Q Acoustics 3050 floor-standing speakers are compatible and aptly meant for bigger rooms. These speakers have compelling and profound dynamics which come with dual drivers. This results in the sound to be crisp and pristine. The body is structured really well with a great balance in mind. Moreover, the speakers are of the latest design with a two-in-one concentric ring dome tweeter which allows it to produce soft and contortion free sounds of even higher frequencies. The material used in the speakers is sturdy with steel and also has spikes on the bottom. This helps the speakers to be in place by lessening their motion.


  • It is compatible to a frequency range of 44 Hertz to 22000 Hertz (+/- 3 Decibel)
  • Has impedance of 6 ohms.
  • The floor standing speaker also has a dual bass unit 165 mm each
  • It is two-way reflex enclosure type.
  • The treble unit measures to 25 millimetres
  • It can produce up to 100 Watts of high quality sound at maximum.
  • It is available in 5 elegant colors – lacquered gloss black, lacquered gloss white, matte graphite, american walnut, and graphite.


4. KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker

The KEF Q950 floor standing speaker is for you if you are into huge floor standing speakers. They are the largest speakers from the whole Q 2017 series of all the floorstanding speakers of KEF. This new and updated Q950 proudly shows off the upgraded Uni-Q drive array. The position of the uni-Q drivers is at the centre of the floor standing speaker. This prevents in any unwanted internal resonance and results in the sound being crystal clear. It also comes along with freshly developed 15 inches aluminium damped tweeter loading tube which helps in smoothing out the treble frequencies. The terminals are gold-plated which allows you a free wire spread. This model of the Q series came out with an all new set of latest and better features. There is an upgrade to the low frequency driver. This will bring out the surround and the rear suspension for a clean and impeccable bass at all volume ranges. This floor standing speaker’s body is that alike packed box mid range cabinet. The floor standers are in a closed off cabinet box which lessens the load on the uni-Q mid range cone. This brings out the lucidity of the sound and a sharper bass. This also flaunts an upgraded mid-bass driver. The mid range lucidness is improved with a natural sound to our ears.


  • It has an 8-inches midrange cone for crisp sound quality.
  • The ultimate and unique vented aluminium dome tweeters ensure that you have the concert in your room.
  • The floor-standing speakers can produce sounds of 113 decibels at maximum.
  • Supports auxiliary connections for wider use,
  • The frequency range is of 44 to 28000 Hertz.
  • The crossover frequency is of 2.2 thousand Hertz.
  • You can only connect it to amplifiers of 15 to 200 Watts.
  • It supports impedance of 8 ohms.
  • They come in three colour variants – walnut, satin black, and satin white.

This brings us to the last product in our list of best floor standing speakers under $1000 in 2020.


5. JBL Studio 280 3-Way Floor standing Loudspeaker

The JBL studio 280 6.5-inches 3-way floor standing speakers earn a good spot in our list of floor standing speakers. They are designed in a three-way design. The speakers come with two 8-inch drivers which support low frequencies for that crystal clear bass. An additional 4-inch mid-range driver and a 1-inch CM MD dome tweeter ensure you to replicate studio-like sounds in your own room. The black-coloured speaker closed-cabinet may not look to be the most visually attractive in the all the speakers from the series but the JBL studio 280 floor standing speakers create a clear and precise resonance over a broad frequency range for both listening to music and or watching any show. They also present the most open and genuine sounding vocals in the company tests and they do equally well while playing movies and music. These speakers are the best suited for medium and large-sized theatre rooms because of the rear-ported cabinet and massive 8-inch woofers.

The JBL studio 280 6.5-inches 3-way floor standing speakers aptly remain in our list with their ability to provide the ultimate live effect.


  • Has a dual polyplas midrange transducer of 6.5 inches each.
  • Comes with a single polyplas midrange transducer of 4 inches.
  • It can be connected to amplifiers of power 20 to 200 Watts.
  • The frequency range is of 40 to 22000 Hertz.
  • The sensitivity is of 89 decibels.
  • It supports impedance of 8 ohms.
  • Weighs about 45.2 lbs or 20.5 kilograms.
  • It supports impedance of 8 ohms.


Conclusion for Best Floor Standing Speakers under $1000

We have enlisted the best floor standing speakers under $1000 available on the market in 2020 and have given you ample detail about their features and functions. Hopefully, it makes it easier for you to choose among the floor standing speakers listed above to have the best sound experience in a budget. Lastly, if you click and buy through the Amazon links provided here, we get a small commission.

Our Verdict

Best floor standing speaker overall: Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way Floor Standing Speakers

Best value for money: Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Tower Speaker

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