9 Best ambient sound headphones

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We can’t image our lives without our smartphones—and smartphones without headphones. Without it, we can’t quench our thirst for music. Since there is excessive use of headsets, we often ignore the sounds of nature. Sometimes it is dangerous to ignore the sound of surroundings. The sounds of traffic warning and an old friend want to reach out or simply to avoid accidents, we must be aware of the sound surrounding us. These sounds are often referred to as ‘ambient sound’. Our list of best ambient sound headphones is a good place to start looking for your first pair.

Most of the time, people want to enjoy a long music playlist without any noise. To solve this issue, noise-canceling headphones are on the market now for many years. On the contrary, a responsible citizen must be conscious of what is happing all around him. Today we are so much immersed in our phones that we ignore important things happening in front of our eyes. That’s where the concept of ambient sound headphones comes in. You will find the following review article helping in your hunt for the best ambient sound headphones.

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1.Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700 (Best Overall)

Bose-700 is a worthy successor of the popular Bose QC35II with many advanced features. Bose-700 wireless will let you cut your surrounding noise in any environment. You can practically convert every place into the workplace. There are 11 multiple levels of noise-reduction, which let you control your audio according to your comfort.

When it comes to the quality of call and voice, this headphone is one step ahead. With advanced signal processing technology, it picks up your voice and cancels out the rest of the noise. This adaptive microphone system allows it to connect to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. For music lovers, it offers a unique experience with balance EQ and great bass.


  • 20-hours of non-stop battery performance
  • Optimized for voice assistance ( Amazon Alexa & Google)
  • Easy customization
  • Comfortable design with lightweight material

2.TaoTronics True Wireless Earbuds, SoundLiberty 79 (Runner-up)

Earbuds aren’t something old enough, but it is evolving very fast. TaoTronics earbuds are a classic example of AI-powered smart devices with great noise reduction capabilities. These earbuds are known for their crystal clear calls quality and overall communication. The built-in strong connection technology offers strong connectivity via Bluetooth with better signal transmission.

The ergonomic design is good for your ears in terms of stability and comfort. For someone with a love for beats, it offers an incredible vibrant experience. You can enjoy the sounds in any type of surrounding with the best ambient melodies. In the last, you don’t have to worry about battery life. Enjoy a Hi-Fi Stereo for up to 30 hours with 8 hours of non-stop performance


  • User-friendly design
  • Advance LDS antenna for fast signal transmission
  • Best call & voice quality

3.COWIN E7 Active Deep Bass Wireless Headphones

COWIN E7 is one of the best ambient sound headphones with state of the art engineering. The design is ear-friendly—mean it will ensure comfort even kept in the ears for hours. Highly specialized 45mm large-aperture ensures the best sound quality available to the customers.

With high-quality built-in microphones and NFC Bluetooth technology, there is no need to have loose wires. Enjoy the experience without being bothered by the hanging strings. Music lovers want to enjoy the beats for long hours. COWIN E7 offers 30 hours of playtime with Bluetooth mode. Similarly, not just the sound quality, but it is best for active communication as well.


  • Hassle-free ambient sound experience
  • Advance NFC technology
  • User-friendly ergonomic design

4.Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Headphones

Are you looking for the holy grail of exceptional sound quality headphones? Here comes Anker Life Q20 Hybrid—a Hi-Res audio certified brand with out-of-this-world sound quality. Only a few of the few get Hi-Res approval and luckily it is one of them. You will get an extraordinary clarity and hidden frequency in a broad spectrum of tunes.

With BassUp technology, the frequency at the far end of bandwidth is modified to high bass beats. As the result, you will get 100% stronger bass. The ergonomic design of rotating joints and memory foam earcups offers better comfort. Besides these qualities, these headphones deliver crystal clear voice on calls and other communication apps. With Bluetooth 5 technology you will get an unbreakable connection throughout your call.


  • 40 hours of active playtime
  • Traveling pouch for accessories
  • Life Q20 technology
  •  Hi-Res certified headphones

5.Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Powerbeats is a special piece of earphones for pro athletes and professional sportsmen. The unique design support better holds in the ear. An adjustable and secure-fit ear hook provides hold and comfort for a longer time. Since these headphones are more suitable for professionals, there is reinforced design for sweat & water resistance during the gruesome workout sessions.

Powerbeats Pro supports a dual audio control mechanism where you can adjust volumes and other controls separately on each piece. You can also share the music you are listening to with your friend via Bluetooth pairing. There is a voice assistance feature—without reaching out to your smartphone.


  • Compatible with both Android and i-OS
  • 9 hours of non-stop listening time
  • Autoplay and pause

6.Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Audio-Technica offers exceptional sound quality with ATH-M50Xbt, covering a wide range of frequencies and deep bass. The collapsible design great portability and save space when on the move. Enjoy 40 hours of non-stop experience with much efficient battery performance. There is a unique touch-based voice assistant feature that activates immediately without reaching out to the phone.

With these headphones, you can easily control important tasks like calls and voice messages. It cuts out the noise of the environment and gives you clear sound during calls. There are easy-to-access buttons and controls on the headset for volume adjustment. Audio-Technica is best known for its quality ambiance sounds headphones in the industry.


  • 45 mm large aperture for clear sounds
  • Supportive design
  • Active voice assistance technology

7.Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

Sony is one of the leading brands in providing the best ambient sound headphones. With advanced start-of-the-art engineering, Sony WH1000XM3 delivers extra performance. The music quality is outstanding with a user-friendly design. There is a built-in Mic which enables you to communicate hassle-free.

In collaboration with Amazon Inc., a built-in Amazon Alexa supports extra functionalities. With the voice assistance of Alexa, the possibilities are endless. You can bring your attention to the important matter by just by covering the right ear cup. Even if you’re in the nosiest of the places, with simple touch turn it into your workspace. The ambiance sound-control is just awesome with active-noise-control tech.


  • Built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistance
  • Smart sensing and personal optimization
  • Advance Bluetooth and NFC

8.Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Headphones–Titanium Black

Jabra Elite 85L uses the latest smart technology to analyze your environment and adjust the sound decibels accordingly. This feature saves you a lot of time and energy. Sometime you can’t decide on your level of volume you want. Jabra’s headphones will automatically take care of it. On the contrary, it also blocks unwanted sound so that you don’t enjoy the harmonics non-stop.

For great voice pick-up, it uses 8 additional microphones to enhance the quality of your call. If you are an outdoor guy and roughly want the thing—these headphones are water-resistant. 40mm speakers deliver high-quality sound performance. Jabra Sound Plus app gives your additional support and extra value.


  • 36 hours of battery life in one-go
  • Sensitive smart sound adjustment technology
  • Exceptional voice clarity

9.Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser Momentum 3 provides heart-thumping beats with top-notch speaker quality. There is an auto ON/OFF pause functionality that lets you not miss a single moment of your favorite rhythm. Not just like other ear-pieces, you can increase the speed of the music. Play it with faster speed or play it in slow just at the touch of one button. The headphones also possess active-noise-cancelation technology for blocking the unnecessary frequencies.

The design provides great comfort to ears and heads overall. There is a 3-buttons interface—easy to use without any manual.


  • Seamless integration with your favorite voice assistance
  • Easy to use and plug-and-play features
  • Speed control and auto-pause in case of inactivity.


The headphones technology is evolving with every passing day. To find the best deal for yourself, you need to carefully analyze the features. Our list of best ambient sound headphones will serve as a starting point. One of the most prominent thing about the headphones is sound quality. Make sure the brand you are selecting is well-established. Go for the one which offers the best value for money.

Our Verdict

Best overall: Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700

Best value for money: TaoTronics True Wireless Earbuds, SoundLiberty 79