Best 6 Person Tent for 2020

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Wanna go out for camping with your family and friends? Are you still stuck with your 2 people sad excuse of camping tents? Worry no more! Camping in groups calls for one gigantic tent that can hold your complete gang. Your friends and family would love this list of the best 6 person tent. We have researched and enlisted the 6 best 6 person tent here. This will give you an insight into all the features of you would even need for the perfect camping tent. We will let you know the various sorts of material, the closure type, the comfort, the durability of this variety of tents have in one place so you don’t have to waste your time. Here, we go with the Top 6 best 6 person tent in 2020.

1. Coleman Sundome Tent (Best 6 person Tent Overall)

Start your summer adventures and expeditions with your loved ones all thanks to the Coleman Sundome Tent! It is the best option with its quick and easy-to-setup characteristics. Your whole pack can sleep with satisfaction in the camping tent. You can surely have 5 people sleeping and still have more than enough room to have fun.  The tent comes with the exclusive WeatherTec system that grants exceptional features to promise to never let you or your tent be wet, nevertheless the seasons. It is extremely sturdy and will last you for years. The inverted stitching and sealed corners of the floor make your tent entirely immune to water and moisture. The best part for your lazy soul? The bags that store all the equipment for you to set your tent up have the instructions printed and pasted on them.

  • Massive and perfect for 6 people with the size of 10′ by 10′.
  • The centre is exactly 6 feet high.
  • Supports waterproof with its WeatherTec System
  • Incredibly durable with shock-corded fibreglass poles of 11mm that will help the tent put on in the more extreme weathers.
  • Commendable ventilation with large windows, and vents in the ground that keep the warmth out of the tent.
  • There are many mesh pockets sewed on the tent’s walls so you can easily store any necessities.
  • It has a port with an extension cord so that you can always have that phone on a 100%.
  • Available in smaller sizes as well.
  • Comes in 2 colour variants (green and navy/grey).


2 . ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6-Person Tent (Runner Up)

This ALPS Mountaineering Maraamac 6 person Tent will unmistakably surpass your expectations and holds an apt spot in our list of best 6 person tent. It supports quick and straightforward setup. You merely have to attach the provided pole clips to the shock-corded Fiberglass poles. This will support free-standing. Nylon taffeta makes it sturdy and durable. The polyester material of the fly protects you from the fatal UV rays and also keep you dry. It even has many pockets for easy and convenient storage of equipment and accessories.


  • Will easily let 6 people sleep and still have space with the area of 100 ft², the base size of 10’ x 10’ and a centre height of 72”.
  • It has special ventilation given by the mesh doors which can be zipped. It even has mesh side panels. This will surely provide your ultimate comfort and airy-ness.
  • The dual doors are a great help for you and your mates as you no longer need to go over them every time you need to go somewhere.
  • You can set up the tent with the snap of your fingers.
  • Has sealed stitches.
  • Comes with 75D 185T Polyester Fly with 1500mm coating and 75D poly taffeta floor with 1500mm coating combined to always ensure than your and your buddies are dry through any weather.
  • Comes in two colour variants – Sage/Rust and Gray/Red.


3. MOON LENCE Camping Tent 

You can rest assured relax in ultimate comfort with the MOON LENCE camping tent. You will get a promised premium quality product. The stiff stitching and material will leave you stuck with the same tent for years to come. The incredible lightweight tent can be easily carried around in hand for a comfortable journey. You will get 4 guy ropes, 9 pegs, 2 tent poles, 1 rainfly and an instruction booklet for the easy and quick set up of the tent. The rainfly is waterproof and will prevent any water from entering into the tent. It will protect you against heavy rains and high-speed winds.


  • Will easily fit 6 people with the dimensions of 107.8 inches by 83.8 inches by 59 inches.
  • It is suitable for all weathers and seasons with the waterproof rainfly and zipper to help you stay dry.
  • The tent poles are made of glass s fibre and the pegs are of iron for amazing strength.
  • Very airy thanks to the rainfly which can be removed, the breathable B3 mesh, a ground vent and two large windows.
  • Has a hook for you to hang a lantern as well.
  • Many sewed in mesh pockets for incredible storage.
  • Available in two colour variants – orange and green.


4. KAZOO Family Camping Tent

Always tired from setting up a tent out in the sun? Well, this giant tent can unfold and fold automatically! You just have to pull out the tent from the bag, light it up a bit to extend the aluminium legs and lock them. After that, you simply need to press the button and the tent would instantly unfold. This gives you a literally quick 30 seconds setup. The unfolding process is equally easy and convenient. This tent has to be the largest one from this list as you would have enough space even after fitting two queen-sized mattresses in it.


  • Massive and more than enough for 6 people.
  • The height is huge enough for adults to comfortably stand up.
  • Supports waterproof technology with a rainfly and 210T rip-stop up to 3000 mm.
  • Incredibly durable with ultra-lightweight premium 19mm aluminium poles that will help the tent to be light, durable and weatherproof.
  • There are many mesh pockets sewed on the tent’s walls for easy storage.
  • It gives you a front shade in the form of a porch.
  • Comes in 3 colour variants- green, yellow and blue.


5. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

Enjoy your camping with this claimed “Weather Master” tent. Feel too hot while you are out for camping in the summers? This tent has a screen room just for that! This floor-less screen room will let you sleep outside without worrying about the bugs and flies. This also provides you with two spacious rooms. The ventilation is top-notch with the Variflow adjustable airflow. There is a vented Cool-Air privacy Port. One of the coolest features is that the complete ceiling is made out of mesh that can be covered whenever it rains. You can now lie down in the tent and gaze upon the stars. It is extremely easy to set this tent up. It has two colour-coded poles, the instructions are sewed to the carry bag and the instant clipping design.


  • Will easily fit 6 people with the dimensions of 17 feet by 9 feet base and a height of 6 feet 10 inches.
  • It is more than just fitting for all weathers and seasons with the leak-proof stitches, coated polyester material and welded floor.
  • The design has a patented hinged door for easy and convenient movement in and out of the tent.
  • Has a sturdy frame for wind protections so your tent can stay standing up in all extremities.
  • The windows are angled such that water doesn’t enter the tent.
  • It has a port with an extension cord so that you can always have that phone charged all the time.
  • Many sewed in mesh pockets for incredible storage.
  • Available in only one colour- brown.

This brings us to the last tent in our list of best 6 person tent in 2020.


6. UNP 6 People Tent

This can be your home away from home. The living space is maximised with the rectangular base plane and almost vertical walls so you enjoy with your loved ones anywhere and anytime. It even offers privacy with the ripstop panels which will block you out from the eyes of the strangers on the camping site and yet keep it ventilated. It even supports the chimney effect with two roof vents and another adjustable vent. This allows us to maintain the moisture in the tent as well.


  • You can easily set this up with one other person within minutes.
  • Extremely durable and touch with steel poles of reinforces polymer than will stand against any sort of winds.
  • The ceiling is all mesh to prevent any bug bites and to allow you to sleep with the stars in easy view.
  • The tent material is of high-quality 185T polyester.
  • Easy electricity supply with the electrical access port.
  • Great for keeping your belongings organised with the sewn mesh pockets.
  • D shaped door for easy movement in and out of the tent.
  • Available in one colour- blue.




We have enlisted the best 6 person tent available on the market in 2020 and given you ample detail about their features and functions. Hopefully, it makes it easier for you to choose among the camping tents listed above. Lastly, if you click and buy through the Amazon links provided here, we get a small commission.

Our Verdict

Best 6 person tent overall: KAZOO Family Camping Tent

Best value for money: ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6-Person Tent


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