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24 Must Haves 2024

Amazon doesn’t just have expensive items, it also has cheap things. In fact, there are so many items that you can easily find cheap items on amazon to give as gifts! Check out the list below to find cheap amazon must-haves that will make for perfects gifts or just cheaper alternatives to more expensive items.


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1. Facemask mixing kit

Want to have a pamper day by yourself at home? Well, then this affordable facemask mixing kit will make your work a lot easier. This kit by iFlyMars is made from thick pp that is soft and lightweight. The bottom ring of the bowl is thick and hard. This makes it extremely stable and easy to use. This kit also includes a sponge that is useful in getting off a thick mask as it is soft enough to be gentle on the skin and abrasive enough to easily get rid of the mask. Furthermore, it also has a soft silicone mask brush that makes applying masks all the easier.


  • It includes a bowl, a set of mixing tools, a spatula brush, a spray bottle, and a silicone brush
  • The items are made from soft pp plastic
  • The bowl has a bottom ring that is hard and thick to ensure stability
  • There is a sponge included which is abrasive enough to get rid of the product but also gentle on the skin


2. Pen Holder

Want to save space as you work? This iDesign vanity center holder is a useful device to save space. It is versatile in its use as you can use it as a penholder or as a makeup brush holder. Furthermore, it has a place to hold your phone as well. It has 2 compartments that are separated and can also be used as a place for your toothpaste and toothbrushes. Made of blush oval plastic, it is adorable and useful at the same time.


  • It allows you to save space
  • It is made of plastic
  • This holder is versatile
  • It has 2 compartments 


3. Toothpaste Squeezer

Want to use up every bit of your toothpaste? This rolling tube toothpaste squeezer is the right device for you. It is extremely easy to use as to can insert the booth paste in it. The rolling process is also smooth and easy to maneuver. Made of high quality ABS material, it is a perfect device to have in your bathroom. Furthermore, it is designed to save 30% of the toothpaste that would have otherwise gone to waste.


  • Easy to insert toothpaste
  • Easy to roll
  • It has a handle to roll out the toothpaste


4. Metal Straws

All of us know how harmful plastic straws are to the environment so it’s high time that we stop using them and switch to metal straws. These travel metal straws are 1 inch thick and are perfect to be used with any tumbler or even as bubble tea straws. These straws are portable and have a modern and sleek look that you can bring around with you! These straws come with a little pouch to carry them in. Furthermore, they are super simple to clean as it comes with its own little scrub brush that you can use. These straws are made of high quality 304 stainless steel that is BPA free and toxin-free as well which makes them safe to use.


  • They are made of 304 stainless steel
  • There are three straws including a normal one, one for boba, and one that is bent
  • These straws are easy to clean as they come with a cleaning brush
  • They are portable and come with a pouch to carry them in


5. Nyx eyebrow pencil

A good eyebrow pencil is very important because your eyebrows can make or break your makeup look. The Nyx eyebrow pencil is a self-sharpening brow pencil as it features a twist-up design that has brushes to allow you to groom your brows. Furthermore, the formula of this pencil is creamy as it uses vegetable, coconut, and soybeans to help hydrate and condition your brows. This product allows you to up your eyebrow game and always have them looking on fleek. Nyx is also a cruelty-free brand that is certified by PETA.


  • It has a twist-up design
  • On one end there is an eyebrow brush that helps groom your brows
  • The formula is creamy as it uses vegetables. Coconut and soybean to provide hydration
  • It is cruelty-free


6. Maybelline Blush

Blush is an essential part of anyone’s makeup routine. It helps bring some color and life back into your cheeks and makes you look healthy. This blush by Maybelline is a high quality blush that does everything that blush is supposed to. It has a true to tone color that is a light coral that looks natural and is perfect for those who want a natural color that is subtle. Furthermore, it has a creamy and smooth texture which applies evenly. The color is also such that it complements most skin tones.


  • It looks natural
  • The color is true to tone
  • The formula of this blush is creamy and smooth
  • It blends effortlessly


7. Face razors

If you are a makeup wearer, you may have noticed the hair on your face that prevents you from having a smooth makeup application process. With these About Face razors, that is about to be a thing of the past. These razors are perfect for your cheeks, chin, and forehead. It neatly grooms and shapes your hair to free your face from them in the gentlest way possible. It tackles both fine and coarse hair. Using this face brush, you can also exfoliate and smooth the skin as it removes all unsightly hair and dead cells to allow your face to be smooth and youthful.


  • It can be used on the cheek, chin, and forehead
  • It is capable of removing and grooming hair
  • They are gentle on your skin
  • It can remove both fine and coarse hair
  • It also exfoliates your skin to make it smooth and youthful


8. Pencil Cases

Having your stationery all in one place is of utmost importance as a student because it helps boost your productivity and helps you stay efficient. These countryside floral pouches are made of high quality material that is a soft canvas. This material is washable and wears resistance. Furthermore, it is also durable and lightweight which makes it very convenient to use. The zipper on this pouch is smooth and closes tight to protect your items. It is also extremely multipurpose and can be used to hold other things owing to its big capacity.


  •  It is made of canvas
  • This both is washable
  • It is designed to be lightweight and durable
  • It is multifunctional


9. Tinkle razor

Fine hairs on your face and neck can be a nuisance at times thus the tinkle eyebrow razor was created. This razor is multipurpose and can be used to shape your eyebrows and to remove fine hairs all around your face and neck. It is made of high-quality material and has a stainless steel cover that is attached to each blade to help protect a women’s sensitive skin. Furthermore, it is safe and easy to use.


  • It allows you to groom your eyebrows with ease
  • It is multipurpose
  • These razors have a stainless steel cover and are gentle on your skin
  • It is safe and easy to use


10. Eyeshadow brush

The quality of your eyeshadow brush can make or break your eye makeup look. This high quality brush crease brush from wet and wild is a high quality brush that is designed to help blend out your eyeshadow to perfection. It is a very short, flat, slightly stiff brush whose head is made of pony hair. It can be used to add precise definition around the eyes. Furthermore, due to its stiffness, you can apply eyeshadow as an eyeliner with it.


  • The brush hairs are made from pony hair
  • It can be used to add definition around your eyes
  • This brush allows you to apply eyeshadow like an eyeliner
  • The head of the brush is short flat and stiff which is rounded.

11. Food saver lid covers 6 pack

These silicone stretch lids by POTALL are perfect for those who are trying to be mindful of the environment. Made of silicon, they are food safe and also dishwasher safe. Just stretch them over your container and forget the worry of keeping your lids safe. It is made to be eco-friendly and economical as it helps reduce plastic in the environment.


  • Made of silicon
  • Come in various different sizes
  • Are dishwasher safe
  • Reduces waste


12. Mio water flavoring

Find it hard to drink the recommended amount of water each day? With this Mio water enhancer, you will want to drink an adequate amount of water each day. This water enhancer enhances the flavor of the eater by adding in a strawberry watermelon flavor with just a squeeze of this 1.62 fluid ounce bottle. Furthermore, the bottle is small and portable and you can carry it around with you to turn your boring water to have a refreshing strawberry watermelon flavor. They are made from natural flavors and have zero calories which is a bonus.


  • It provides on the go flavor as it is portable
  • Each bottle has 1.62 fluid ounce of liquid
  • The flavor is strawberry watermelon that is refreshing. 
  • It has zero calories
  • It is made with natural flavors


13. Monkfruit sweetener 

Worried about your sugar intake but you can’t let go of your love for sweets just yet? This Monkfruit sweetener is just the thing for you. It contains zero net carbs, zero calories, and zero glycemic which makes it perfect for consumption. Furthermore, it is designed to be perfect for baking and makes all your bakes goods healthier than before. It is perfect for those who are on different diets like ketogenic, paleo, vegan, low carb. This sweetener is also non-GMO and perfect for diabetic people. It is made of A mix of monk fruit extract and erythritol with no fiber, no maltodextrin, and no artificial flavoring or sweeteners.


  • It is made to have zero carbs, zero glycemic, and zero calories
  • It is a perfect alternative for sugar in many different recipes.
  • This sweetener is perfect for those that are on various diets
  • It has a mix of monk fruit extract and erythritol with no fiber, no maltodextrin, and no artificial flavoring or sweeteners.


14. Maldon sea salt flakes

Sea salts are a perfect way to add some flavor to your food items. The Maldon sea salts come in an 85-ounce box. These sea salt flakes have a soft and crunchy texture and their taste is clean and fresh that allows it to have an intensity that perfectly balances that of your dish and helps enhance its flavor. It is also versatile and can be used in cocktails and other things such as brownies. These are perfect if you’re are health conscious as they are made from the highest quality salt.


  • These flakes come in an 85-ounce box
  • They have a softa and crunchy texture
  • These sea salts help balance out the flavor of any dish
  • They taste clean and fresh


15. Silicone face brush

Hate dipping your fingers into skincare products? Well, then these silicone face mask brushes are the perfect tool for you. It makes it very easy to apply thin layers of skincare products and that too evenly. It is suitable to be used with facial masks, peels, serums, and other skincare products. These brushes can be used on sensitive skin and are also extremely easy to clean. They are also durable at high temperatures.


  • It applies skincare onto skin evenly
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin
  • These brushes are easy to clean


16. Lavender Epsom salt

There are many ways to relax. One of them is dipping yourself in a bath of Amazon Brand Epsom salt. These salts come in a pack of 3 pounds with a resealable top. Furthermore, you can use these to help have a relaxing soak on your bath. They are made to smell like lavender that helps detox the body and for your o smell amazing. It is also found to help relax your body and get rid of tension at certain points.


  • It comes in a 3-pound pack that is resealable
  • It can be used to relax as you soak in it.


17. Detangler spray orange-vanilla

Your hair always a tangled mess? No fear because the Honest company Sweet Orange Vanilla conditioning detangling spray will help remove all tangles from your hair. It is made from a blend of shea butter, jojoba protein, and quinoa extracts. This allows your hair to be softened and nourished and hence prevents tangling. Furthermore, it is gentle and mild and is designed to be used every day and on every kind of hair as well. It is made without any harmful materials like synthetic fragrances, dyes, silicones, and sulfates that harm your hair.


  • It has a delicious smell
  • It is made from shea butter, jojoba oil, and quinoa extracts that 


18. Heat protectant spray

Love to style your hair using heat but scared of damaging them? This L’Oreal Paris advanced heat spray will protect your hair from heat and keep them hydrated and soft. It is designed to allow your hair to be safe from heat for 3 days straight and has 450-degree heat protection. This spray is apt at claiming frizz and seals in shine. It is also lightweight and protects your hair from heat and makes your hair frizz-free.


  • It is designed to keep your hair shiny and nourished
  • This spray will calm down frizzy hair to sake them look sleek
  • It works for 3 days


19. Butter gloss

Cool lip colors are the trend right now and Nyx is at the top of the game when it comes to liquid lipsticks. Their butter gloss formula is designed to be buttery and soft and it also applies smoothly. This lip gloss is perfect for your lips as it has a formula that is not sticky and leaves your lips feeling nourished and soft. Furthermore, Nyx is a cruelty-free brand and is certified as such by PETA.


  • It is made from a butter gloss formula that is buttery and smooth
  • It leaves your lips feeling smooth and silky soft
  • This gloss is not sticky
  • Nyx is a cruelty-free brand


20. Hair gel

Hair being unruly? This eco-style hair gel is the answer, It is made from high-quality materials that are designed to lock your hairs moisture in place yet make them pliable and extremely easy to style. This pack is a 4-ounce pack that has an automatic safety shut off feature. Furthermore, it can be used on hair that is dry and damaged as it also helps nourish your hair and make them healthier than ever.


  • It comes in a pot of 4 ounces
  • This gel is perfect for dry and damaged hair types
  • It locks in moisture

21. Face Scrubber

This high-quality face scrubber is made of food-grade silicone that is super soft and doesn’t hurt your skin. This scrubber is built with 2 different structures to ensure a gentle but deep clean. It combines 4 functions of face cleansing, blackhead removing, exfoliating and massaging. It also allows you to grip it perfectly so that you can use it easily without any difficulty.


  • Made of food-grade silicone
  • Built with 2 structures
  • It combines 4 functions of face cleansing


22. Anpro Set of 15 Pack Ring Size Adjuster 

Guessing a ring size is a difficult task. Especially when the ring is supposed to be a gift. A ring adjuster is a great gift to pair with a ring that you plan on gifting someone. This ring size resizer is made of TPU and is so comfortable that you don’t even feel it there. It has 4 sizes including round tubing in 2mm wide, Flat tubing in 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm wide. Each size has 4 pieces included. With this, you will never have to worry about loose rings and is especially useful for people with finger and knuckle. It is a great find for many and one of the many cool finds on Amazon.


  • Tjese ring adjusters are made of TPU
  • Lightweight 
  • 4 pieces in 4 sizes
  • Easy to use


23. Kids cups

Teaching a young one how to use a glass? These first years take and toss spill-proof straw cups are perfect for that. They come in a pack of four and are designed to be durable and disposable. These straw cups have an easy to clean design that snaps on and lids that are valve free thus you don’t have to worry about grime and dust getting stuck in those places. Furthermore, they are dishwasher safe and made from a material that is BPA free and hence safe for use. They can be used with kids that are 18 months and above.


  • They are made to be durable and disposable if needed
  • These cups are designed to be easy to clean
  • They are dishwasher safe
  • These cups are BPA free


24. Scraper 4 pack

Have something stuck on your pan? This pan scraper is exactly what you are looking for. In this pack of 4 scrappers, each scrapper is designed to be heavy-duty, durable, and long-lasting. This allows them to be easy to use as it has 4 different edges that are straight and curved. It is versatile and can be used to clean different surfaces like frying pans, grills, bowl dishes, etc, and can remove things that are stuck on these surfaces.


  • This scrapper and heavy-duty and durable
  • They have 4 different edges that are straight and curved
  • It is versatile and can be used on different surfaces

Conclusion on Cheap amazon must haves

On a budget but still, want some retail therapy? No fear. Check out our list above to find the cheapest items on Amazon.

Our Verdict 

Best Cheap amazon must haves: Food saver lid covers 6 pack

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